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Motts Military Museum

Warren Motts’ collection of military artifacts in Groveport serves as a tribute to our men and women in uniform.


The Model Soldier

Col. Charles Young, raised in the Ohio River town of Ripley, was a military leader, diplomat and scholar.


Business Is Booming

Bob Gillmor’s love for history and knack for tinkering led him to create and restore military cannons from our past.


History Hits Home

Ohio commemorates its ties to the Civil War.


The Crash of the USS Shenandoah

In September 1925, the U.S. Navy’s heralded flying machine crashed in Noble County, killing 14 crew members and becoming forever tied to this corner of Ohio.


National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Columbus

Our capital city’s new attraction offers poignant glimpses of life on and off the battlefield.


Camp Sherman Memories

Thousands of soldiers trained in Ross County before shipping out to World War I battlefields. July’s Camp Sherman Days honors their contributions.


History Comes to Life

The Battle of Lake Erie, a key conflict during the War of 1812, will be commemorated with bicentennial events this summer.


Loyal Companions

James Mellick’s sculptures reflect the courage and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.


Echoes of Battle

The Toledo Museum of Art offers a look at the Civil War from eyewitness observers and artists of the era.


Famous Flyer

One of World War II’s storied flying machines is being painstakingly restored near Dayton.


Winged Victory

A visit to the Liberty Aviation Museum offers a look into World War II flyers, military history and more.


D-Day Conneaut

The annual event draws World War II re-enactors, veterans and thousands of spectators to the Lake Erie shore each summer.


The Trailblazer: Col. Charles Young

Charles Young was the most highly decorated African-American military officer of his time, the first black U.S. National Park superintendent and a professor at Ohio’s Wilberforce University. His life of service inspired generations to follow.


3 Questions: Ken Leslie

A former comedian who once lived out of his car, this Toledoan founded Veterans Matter in 2012 to help those who’ve served our country find housing.


Home of the Brave

The Ohio History Center honors "The American Soldier" with a poignant photo exhibit of the men and women of wars past and present.


Call to Arms

The Dayton Art Institute showcases posters that rallied support in the lead-up to World War I and World War II.


Memphis Belle Marks Milestone

The celebrated World War II flyer moves closer to being displayed at the National Museum of the United States Air Force near Dayton.


Photographer & Writer Guidelines | Ohio Magazine

Guidelines on freelance photography and writing.


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