Freelance Guidelines

If you're looking for the 2020 Ohio Magazine Pitch Guide you can download it here: 2020 Pitch Guide.

Photographer Guidelines

Ohio Magazine constantly seeks to widen its pool of assignment and stock photographers from across the state. We are particularly interested in photographers from the northwest and southeast regions of Ohio. Very rarely do we hire photographers from out of state. Please e-mail 5-10 low-resolution, published samples of your work, along with your education/training information to Rachael Jirousek, Art Director, at Only qualified and/or published photographers will be considered. Point us in the direction of your website.

Please remember that our editorial calendar is established three to six months in advance. For queries related to a timely event or seasonal events, allow nine months' to a year’s notice. We do not publish unsolicited photos. If we’re interested in your work, we’ll contact you to discuss a potential assignment or stock purchase.

Please see our 2020 Artist Guidelines for fees, assignment, stock and payment information.

Phone queries are discouraged.

Writer Guidelines

Ohio Magazine publishes stories that celebrate Ohio — its people, its rich culture and heritage, and especially its travel spots. Our audience is educated, active, affluent and very loyal to Ohio. Because our readership is drawn from the entire state, each of our stories must possess a statewide appeal. We are always looking for talented writers with a strong voice who can help us do that. Our magazine and website are divided into various topics: Arts, Travel, Ohio Life, Home + Garden and Food + Drink. What we look for in each category is outlined below. We've also included links to examples of pieces written by freelancers that appeared in our magazine to give you an idea of the kind of stories we run.


From previews of upcoming exhibitions at art museums across Ohio to profiles on compelling musicians who have statewide appeal, we celebrate the arts in our pages every month. Most of these features are written in-house, but we are always looking for compelling arts stories that play to a wide audience and offer insight into an artist and their ties to our state.

Mile Markers

Columbus-based Red Wanting Blue talks about the road, success and their album "Little America." Read it here

A Clear Vision

Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh created art long before his music made him famous. An exhibition on display at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center offers a look at the Cuyahoga Falls' native's inventive and offbeat body of work. Read it here

Rock Star

During the Great Depression, Ben Hartman created a collection of interesting and idiosyncratic folk art sculptures at his Springfield home. Today, visitors can stop by the Hartman Rock Garden to explore his masterpiece. Read it here


Ohio Magazine is dedicated to bringing our readers the best travel information in the state: where to go, what to do and what to see. Ohio Magazine readers are interested in discovering new inns and B&Bs in which to stay, finding off-the-beaten-path destinations where they can immerse themselves in local culture, and exploring excellent outdoor parks and recreation areas where they can relax and play. The key to the success of any travel pitch is telling a story that is fresh. We have files filled with information about museums and major attractions in every area of the state. We rely on contributors to tell us what's new, unique or different about each destination they pitch.

Winged Victory

The Liberty Aviation Museum offers a look at World War II flyers, military history and the Ford Tri-Motors that once carried passengers to and from the Lake Erie Islands. Read it here

Treetop Retreat

We spend a night in a treehouse and find one altogether different getaway. Read it here

Round & Round

Sandusky's Merry-Go-Round Museum traces the history of the golden age of carousels and the craftsmen and styles that defined the era. Read it here


This section primarily features history pieces and profiles of interesting Ohioans. Profiles typically focus on an individual who can claim an impact — large or small — on the entire state or whose actions would be of interest to our statewide audience. History pieces offer a fresh take or perspective on a corner of Ohio's past. These are often written using historical documents and accounts from the time, including newspaper accounts, journal entries, archival footage, etc.

The Final Round

Springfield resident Davey Moore took part in a fight that shook the boxing world. Its outcome garnered the attention of California's governor, Pope John XXIII and a 21-year-old known as Bob Dylan. Read it here

Business is Booming

Bob Gillmor's love for history and knack for tinkering led him to create and restore military cannons from our past. Read it here

The Election of 1920

The race between Ohio Gov. James M. Cox and Warren G. Harding introduced the world to Franklin D. Roosevelt and marked the last time an Ohioan won the White House. Read it here


Every spring we profile beautiful gardens and offer advice for people who want to plant their own in their backyard. Our Home + Garden section also includes home how-to pieces and profiles on Ohioans who craft beautiful and interesting home decor pieces.

Home Tweet Home

Paul and Deborah Bahm's beautiful and functional birdhouses merge craftsmanship with environmentally minded thinking. Read it here

Home Style

Glass Rooster Cannery in Sunbury provides its guests a taste of rural living and the opportunity to learn vintage homemaking practices, from canning to soap-making. Read it here

Aged to Perfection

Curt and C.J. Shaver's Columbus Barrel Co. crafts home decor pieces from American white oak that spent years in a bourbon warehouse. Read it here


We offer recipes you can try at home courtesy of Ohio chefs and peek inside the kitchens of some of our state's culinary stars. Subjects in this section routinely include landmark Ohio eats, Ohio craft beer and Ohio wineries.

Flavors of Fall

We asked three chefs to share how they put their own spin on some of the season's signature flavors, from pumpkins to beets to turkey. Read it here

Top Dog

Chef Daniel Wright opened his Cincinnati gastropub, Senate, six years ago and still has long lines of guests who want to sample the Chicago native's creative gourmet hot dogs. Read it here

Veggie Tale

Cara Mangini grew up in California and took a job in the corporate world before reinventing her career and moving to Ohio. Now the owner of a spot at Columbus' North Market, she is also the author of a new cookbook that illustrates the power of produce. Read it here

Pitch Us a Story

For consideration, please provide a resume and at least three clips of your work via e-mail or USPS with any story pitches. Direct them to:

Jim Vickers
Ohio Magazine
1422 Euclid Ave., Suite 730
Cleveland, OH 44115

Phone queries are discouraged.