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Secret Ohio: 23 Hidden Gems

We went in search of surprising spots, unusual attractions and fascinating discoveries hidden in plain sight across the state. Here’s how you can, too.

The small-town grave of the winningest pitcher in Major League Baseball history ... A room that will transport you to the other side of the world ... Intriguing details hidden within the design of our magnificent Ohio Statehouse ... Hidden-away spots in the Hocking Hills ... there’s much to discover and uncover as you explore the Buckeye State — and the more you look, the more you find. Here are 23 tucked-away treasures that’ll inspire you to take a closer look at our state. 

The Damascus Room (photo courtesy of Cincinnati Art Museum)
The Damascus Room: The Cincinnati Art Museum houses a room that Andrew N. Jergens purchased in 1932 while traveling through the Middle East and had reassembled here. Read

The Healing Chapel (photo by Sam DeLong)
The Healing Chapel: This tiny roadside church in Coolville started as a labor of love and continues as a place of quiet meditation and prayer for travelers. Read

The Adena Mansion (photo courtesy of Adena Mansion)
View from the Adena Mansion: The vista immortalized on Ohio’s official seal was inspired by a real place in Chillicothe, our state’s first capital. Read

Cy Young's Grave (photo by Matt Kerr)
Cy Young’s Grave: The man whose name is synonymous with Major League Baseball  pitching excellence is buried in Tuscarawas County. Read

Ohio Statehouse Rotunda (photo by David FitzSimmons)
Secrets of the Ohio Statehouse: The seat of our state government is filled with beautiful touches and hidden bits of history that can be discovered by way of daily tours. Read

Wolcott Keepers' House (photo courtesy of Ottawa County Historical Society)
The Keeper’s House: Marblehead Lighthouse gets all the attention, but you can also visit the 1822 home where the landmark’s first three keepers resided. Read

Lourdes Grotto (photo by Kristina Smith)
Lourdes Grotto: Marblehead Lighthouse gets all the attention, but you can also visit the 1822 home where the landmark’s first three keepers resided. Read

Gilboa Quarry (photo by Brandon Schwartz)
Gilboa Quarry: Mike Williams’ former limestone quarry in Putnam County offers divers an opportunity to explore submerged aircraft and spot a variety of fish species. Read

James A. Rhodes State Tower Observation Deck (photo by Todd Jacobs0n)
James A. Rhodes State Office Tower Observation Deck: The 40th floor of this downtown Columbus office tower offers great views across our capital city. Read

Johnson's Island cemetery (photo courtesy of the Johnson's Island Preservation Society)
Johnson’s Island: This island off the Marblehead Peninsula held more than 10,000 Confederate officers and soldiers as a prisoner-of-war depot. Some remain there to this day. Read

Group ordering at Sotto (photo by Aaron Conway)
Secret Ohio: Food & Drink: These hidden-away spots may take a little more work to find, but they’re well worth it. Read

Robinson Falls (photo by Kenneth Keifer)
Hidden Hocking Hills: It’s no secret this region of southeast Ohio is our year-round playground, but these three out-of-the-way sites promise a fresh perspective. Read

League Park (photo by Timothy Kilkenny)
League Park: Babe Ruth swatted dozens of home runs at this former home of the Cleveland Indians. Today, visitors can still walk in the footsteps of the greats. Read

Queen City Underground Tours tunnels (photo courtesy of American Legacy Tours)
Queen City Underground Tour: Cincinnati has a long history that comes to light once you delve into the secrets of the city’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Read

Cincinnati Toy Heritage mural (photo by J. Miles Wolf)
Secret Ohio: Public Art: These interesting and intriguing works tell a story of the people and place they call home. Read

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (photo by Thom Sheridan)
Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument: Downtown Cleveland’s memorial to Cuyahoga County’s Civil War veterans is a reminder of the role Ohioans had in helping preserve the Union. Read

Clifton Garden Cabin (photo courtesy of Clifton Garden Cabin)
Clifton Garden Cabin: This cozy, two-level cabin within walking distance of the iconic Clifton Mill offers a stay that’s part home and part garden. Read

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