Conkles Hollow (photo courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

Most Scenic Spots in the Hocking Hills

Beauty abounds in the Hocking Hills, promising lots of great places to get that perfect photo. Check out these locations that offer overlooks, waterfalls, caves and more. 

A trip to the Hocking Hills never disappoints with its beautiful terrain filled with forests and gorges, recess caves and waterfalls. Head to these 10 spots throughout the region to grab your own scenic shots. 

Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve: Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve is home to one of the deepest gorges in the state. On the Lower Gorge Trail, visitors can expect an abundance of woodland wildflowers and ferns along the shallow yet steady stream that runs along the trail. The Rim Trail provides a beautiful bird’s eye view of surrounding forest. Hikers can see nearly four miles through the valley when standing at the overlook. 24858 Big Pine Rd., Rockbridge 43149, 614/265-6561 >> Read More | Map It
 Old Man’s Cave (photo by Jim Vickers)
Old Man’s Cave: Old Man’s Cave is arguably the most popular site in all of the Hocking Hills. (It’s named for a recluse who is said to have lived in the large recess cave during the 1800s.) The cave isn’t quite as large as Ash Cave, but its location within a dramatic gorge makes it a must-visit location on any trip to the area. 19852 St. Rte. 664, Logan 43138 >> Map It

Airplane Rock (photo by Corey Fry)
Airplane Rock: Airplane Rock gets its name from its shape — if you stand in a certain place and look at it, it looks like the nose of an airplane. The beautiful trail known for its colorful views is a part of Hocking State Forest. Its gentle slope up to a rock provides a unique perspective above the tree line, overlooking a valley sure to be at peak color in fall. 17741 Hockman Rd., Rockbridge 43149 >> Read More | Map It

Cantwell Cliffs
Cantwell Cliffs: Cantwell Cliffs, located in the northern reaches of Hocking Hills, offers great scenery and is be less busy than other areas of the park. The 1.8-mile rim hike offers a challenge with climbs and descents. The shorter loop, which goes through the valley, is a 1-mile trip. In the fall, hikers can see Ohio’s state wildflower, white trillium, as well as squirrel corn, a small wildflower associated with its cousin, bleeding hearts. State Route 374, Rockbridge 43149 >> Read More | Map It

Rock House (photo by Jim Vickers)
Rock House: Rock House resembles what visitors probably picture when they think of a cave. It is situated on the side of cliff and has seven openings that look like arched windows. Rock House also has a 200-foot-long black hand sandstone corridor visitors can walk through. The half-mile trail that leads to the formation is somewhat, but the trek pays off once hikers reach their destination. 16350 St. Rte. 374, Laurelville 43135, 740/385-6841 >> Map It

Ash Cave waterfall
Ash Cave: Ash Cave is  one of the most beloved spots in Hocking Hills State Park, namely for the large recess cave measuring 700 feet wide and 100 feet tall. The most common approach to the destination is the Gorge Trail, which is a quarter-mile-long jaunt through hardwood forest on a paved trail. The cave gets its namesake from the large piles of ash early white settlers discovered there, designating that Native Americans used it for shelter. State Route 56, South Bloomingville 43152 >> Read More | Map It

Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls: Cedar Falls doesn’t have the tallest falls in the park, but it is, ounce for ounce, the biggest. Some Hocking Hills falls shrink to a trickle when it rains, but Cedar Falls holds its swell and pours about 50 feet down into a pool below. The well-loved, well-marked trail is about a half-mile long, and signs clearly show where travelers should go to see the water cascading over the sandstone. 21724 St. Rte. 374 S., Logan 43138 >> Read More Map It

Robinson Falls (photo by Kenneth Keifer)
Robinson Falls: Robinson Falls is also known as Corkscrew Falls and can only be seen by those who obtain a permit enter the land where it is located. Interested visitors can obtain permits through Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve and should apply in advance, as the process can take up to two weeks. Visit to learn more about the permitting process. >> Read More | Map It

Upper Falls near Old Man’s Cave (photo by Jim Vickers)
Upper and Lower Falls: The Upper (pictured) and Lower Falls can both be seen along Old Man’s Cave Trail, not far from its namesake attraction. Upper Falls is located at the northern end of the gorge, while the Lower Falls is closer to Old Man’s Cave at the opposite end of the gorge. Access from Old Man’s Cave parking area, 19852 St. Rte. 664, Logan 43138 >> Map It

Rock Bridge (photo by Matt Shiffler)
Rockbridge State Nature Preserve: This natural arch is more than 100 feet long and crosses a 50-foot ravine. It’s an unusual natural formation to find in Ohio. A 2.75-mile trail system takes hikers over a boardwalk and through the forest, before offering views of nearby farmland. 11475 Dalton Rd., Rockbridge 43149 >> Read MoreMap It

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