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Wittich’s Candy Shop, Circleville

Opened in 1840 and billed as the oldest family-owned and -operated candy shop in the nation, this spot is known for its classic candies and hand-dipped chocolates.


America's Largest Candy Store

If you want all the trick-or-treaters talking about your house, a trip to b.a. Sweetie Candy Co. in Cleveland is in order.


Spangler Candy Co. Revives the Necco Wafer

In 2018, the beloved Necco Wafer disappeared from store shelves. This summer, the Bryan, Ohio-based maker of Dum Dums is bringing them back.


Cute Halloween Cupcake Recipe for Kids

We talked to Spangler Candy Co.’s crafting crew about having some fun with Dum Dums this Halloween season.


My Ohio: The Candy Man

Life can be hard, but it is never so hard that you cannot appreciate a little sweetness.


Where Dum Dums Are Born

We took a trip to Bryan, Ohio, to see firsthand how one of our state’s most famous candies is made.


Peppermint Oreo Truffles

Karma Decker’s West Chester shop, Karma in the Kitchen, is all about sweets. She even shares what she’s learned, including this recipe.


Amish Country Sweets: 7 Great Stops

A trip through the countryside provides an opportunity to sample a variety of treats that embrace tradition and creativity.


Sweet Creation

How to make Nutcracker Family Restaurant’s Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar Cookie Pie


Famous Ohio Foods: Northwest

Grab a big bag of Spangler Candy Co.'s Dum-Dums, take home Tony Packo's Pickles & Peppers and more.


Fun For Kids in Ohio’s Amish Country

Make your next visit to Ohio’s Amish communities a family outing, with buggy rides, penny candy and the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock.


Best of Ohio Ballot

Suggest some of the best places in Ohio to visit.


Best Hometowns 2017–18: Mount Vernon

This town honors its heritage with dramatic improvement projects that merge history and community.


Best of the Best Hometowns

Here are a few of the reasons why Archbold, Lebanon, Nelsonville, Oberlin and Hilliard are Ohio Magazine Best Hometowns.


12 Ohio Holiday Favorites

From zoo nights and model trains to Christmas museums and light shows, here is how to make the most of the season.


Sweet Season: 3 Great Maple Recipes

Three chefs in Ohio’s maple-sugaring country share recipes that highlight the region’s star ingredient.


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