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Cute Halloween Cupcake Recipe for Kids

We talked to Spangler Candy Co.’s crafting crew about having some fun with Dum Dums this Halloween season.  

Whether you tried your first Dum Dums lollipop at the bank with your parents or as part of your trick-or-treat bounty, the Ohio-made candy has been delighting us since 1924.  

“They have a huge nostalgic aspect,” says Abby von Allmen, who handles consumer engagement for Spangler Candy Co. in Bryan, Ohio, which makes the popular treat. “People remember them from their childhood, or a specific event or moment in their life.” 

Flooded with ideas from Dum Dums fans about how to make the little round lollipop even more fun, Spangler dedicated a section of its website to crafts and recipes using the candy. 

“Using inspiration from our consumers is really a fun thing,” says Diana Moore Eschhofen, a member of Spangler Candy Co.’s craft-and-recipe team. “You can create just about anything.”

Spangler’s Scary Spider Cupcake is a chocolate-frosted cupcake, dressed up with black licorice legs and two cherry Dum Dums with candy eyes. “It’s Dum Dums stuck in cupcakes, and it’s really fun,” says von Allmen. — Stephanie Grauer

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How-To: Make a Scary Spider Cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Dark brown candy sprinkles
Dum Dums, 2 of the same flavor per cupcake 
Black licorice twists, 2 per cupcake
Candy eyes (available at specialty candy stores) 

Top each cupcake with candy sprinkles. Select two Dum Dums in the same flavor, unwrap and snip off an inch of the stem. Attach candy eyes to the pops, using a bit of the frosting as a type of adhesive, and then place into the cupcake.

Cut each black licorice twist in half, then in half again lengthwise. (You will end up with four thin strips of licorice from each twist.) Repeat as needed. 

Place four of the “legs” into each side of the cupcake, trimming excess licorice if needed.