Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna (photo by Rachael Jirousek)
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Famous Ohio Foods: Northeast

Pop a bottle of Norka Soda, try White House Fruit Farm's famous blueberry doughnuts and more.

Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna | Dundee
Michael Troyer started making these all-beef bologna rings in 1912, using a secret recipe he created and natural hickory wood smoke. Today, fourth-generation owner Kevin Troyer keeps the family tradition alive. Rings come in original, cheddar cheese and hot pepper varieties, and a sandwich style is also offered. Available at Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna’s retail store and at markets across Ohio. 6552 St. Rte. 515, Dundee 44624, 330/893-2414,  

Bissell Maple Farm Maple Syrup | Jefferson
With roots dating back to the mid-1800s, Bissell Maple Farm has been in Nathan Bissell’s family for generations. He taps 2,500 trees in Ashtabula County to produce his line of maple syrups, which includes bourbon-barrel aged and ghost pepper varieties. Available at the farm store, Meijer grocery stores in Ohio and online. 82 W. Ashtabula St., Jefferson 44047, 440/563-3263,

White House Fruit Farm blueberry doughnuts (photo by Kelly Powell)
White House Fruit Farm’s Blueberry Doughnut
 | Canfield
Topped with light-purple icing, this secret-recipe Blueberry Doughnut wasn’t a hit from the start. But its popularity began to take off in the 1990s, ultimately becoming this year-round farm store’s most requested doughnut flavor. On some days, preorders can total more than 300 before the doors even open, but you can call in the morning for a same-day pickup.249 St. Rte. 62, Canfield 44406, 330/533-4161,

Guggisberg Cheese’s Baby Swiss | Charm
Company founder Alfred Guggisberg unveiled his creamier take on Swiss cheese in the 1960s. His wife, Margaret, coined the name Baby Swiss and convinced the local Buehler’s supermarket to carry the newly invented variety. The cheese has won many awards over the years, including best cheese 2019 and 2020 from the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. Available at Guggisberg Cheese’s retail store, markets across Ohio and online. 5060 St. Rte. 557, Millersburg 44654, 800/262-2505,

Hartville Kitchen Salad Dressing | Hartville
Hartville Kitchen has made its own salad dressings since 1966, giving fans of the landmark restaurant the chance to choose from a lineup now totaling two dozen varieties. Flavors range from Golden Italian to Homestyle Ranch, and LeBron James is even a fan, ordering Hartville Kitchen’s popular Sweet & Sour dressing a case at a time. Available at Hartville Kitchen, markets across Ohio and online. 1015 Edison St. SW, Hartville 44632, 330/877-9353,

Norka orange soda (photo by Rachael Jirousek)
Norka Sparkling Beverages | Akron
Jacob Paquin founded Norka in 1924 as a response to Prohibition, and during peak production in the 1930s, the company moved more than 24,000 bottles of the stuff a day. Michael Considine revived the brand in 2015 and still packages the old-school sodas in classic glass bottles. Today, Norka sells four soda varieties: Cherry-Strawberry, Root Beer, Orange and Ginger Ale. Available at Acme Fresh Market locations in northeast Ohio and select stores across Ohio.

Minerva Dairy Roll Butter | Minerva 
During World War II, this family-owned operation dating back to 1894 began making its butter in rolls. Today, the dairy still crafts 2-pound roll butters, while also selling stick butter in seasonal varieties such as Maple Syrup and Pumpkin Spice and year-round offerings like Garlic Herb and Sea Salt. Available at markets across Ohio and online.


What started out with a horse-drawn wagon has grown into a company that makes dozens of brands, some of which are likely in your pantry or refrigerator right now. It all began in Orville, with apple butter and cider.

1897: The year Jerome Monroe Smucker started the company, selling apple butter and cider door to door using a horse-drawn wagon.
60: Number of different fruit spreads Smucker’s makes.
1962: The year the company introduced its famous tagline “With a Name Like Smucker’s, It Has to Be Good.”
40+: Number of brands in The J.M. Smucker Co. portfolio, including Folgers, Milk-Bone and Jif. 

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