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Best Hometowns 2018

This year, we honor Cambridge, Findlay, Medina, New Albany and Troy — five communities that make us proud to call Ohio home.

Every year, we travel Ohio visiting communities that embody the best of small-town living and the qualities that make life here special. Whether you're just passing through or ready to relocate, these places will make you feel right at home.

Kennedy's Bakery (photo by Casey Rearick)
Cambridge: This city celebrates its rich heritage with shops and attractions that draw visitors and bring residents together. Read more about our 2018 Best Hometown, Cambridge.

Fireside Patio (photo by Kelly Wilt)
Findlay: This city exudes a small-town feel while boasting a vibrant downtown, strong businesses and welcoming neighborhoods. Read more about our 2018 Best Hometown, Findlay.

Uptown Park (photo by Casey Rearick)
This community embraces its rich history in a downtown filled with visitor-friendly destinations. Read more about our 2018 Best Hometown, Medina.

photo by Casey Rearick
New Albany: 
This charming community in suburban Columbus works to improve residents’ lives by focusing on health, wellness and culture. Read more about our 2018 Best Hometown, New Albany.

Prouty Plaza (photo by Amie Santiavicca)
Cooperation is a cornerstone of this community, which honors its past as
 it forges a bright future. Read more about our 2018 Best Hometown, Troy.