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Meet Three Ohio Farm Families

Meet three farm families who are changing the way we think about food and what it means to live off the land. Plus, get fresh recipes from the chefs they supply.

These small farms across Ohio are changing the way we think about food, eating local and what it means to live off the land. We also talked with chefs they supply to see how their products are featured on restaurant menus and get recipes you can try at home. Plus, browse our guide to more than 140 farmers markets throughout the Buckeye State. 

Tony and Michelle Weber of Weber Ranch
Weber Ranch, Wayne 
Tony and Michelle Weber used their experiences living in Montana to inspire their small Wood County farm, where each pig, cow and chicken is part of an interconnected web. Plus chef Chris Nixon of Element 112 in Sylvania shares how he uses Weber Ranch meats in his recipe for grilled pork chops. Read Story

Jane and Isaac Barnes of Honeyrun Farm
Honeyrun Farm, Williamsport 
Isaac and Jayne Barnes have grown what started out as a hobby into a full-fledged business that sells seasonal honey and other products that are creating a buzz. Plus, chef Paul Millman of Acre in Columbus shares how he uses Honeyrun Farm honey in his peanut butter banana smoothie recipe. Read Story

Amy and Floyd Davis of Red Basket Farm
Red Basket Farm, Kinsman
Amy and Floyd Davis grow specialty crops and Ohio favorites at their Trumbull County farm year-round, selling to restaurants, schools and home cooks alike. Plus, chef Brett Sayer of The Plum in Cleveland shares how he uses Red Basket Farm’s produce in his recipe for heirloom tomatoes with black garlic whip. Read Story