Slate Run Living Historical Farm group of sheep

3 Ohio Farms to Visit this Summer

Farming is at the heart of who we are as Ohioans. Visit three places across the state that honor and celebrate our connection to the land.

Farming takes many different forms, but it has deep ties to the history and culture of the Buckeye State. From a longtime family farm that now invites guests to its property to learn to a period-appropriate, living-history destination focused on visitor education to a foraging-focused operation that creates and sells a variety of niche products and goods, come down to the farm with us to experience why Ohio’s rural side is such a central part of life in our great state. 

Carriage House Farm exterior (photo by Matthew Allen)
Carriage House Farm, North BendThis property was in Richard Stewart’s family for generations before becoming a place where visitors can learn about food and farming.

Slate Run Living Historical Farm sheep at a fence (photo by Megan Leigh Barnard)
Slate Run Living Historical Farm, Canal WinchesterThe 19th-century farmstead of Samuel Oman today teaches visitors what life was like during the heyday of Ohio farming.

Field of flowers (photo by Eric Wagner)
Foraged and Sown, West Jefferson & ColumbusA certified organic farm operating since 2015, Foraged and Sown literally started in Kate Hodges’ backyard.