Great Ohio Road Trips

Make your travel plans with our guide to 46 stops for adventure, food, beauty, history and more. 

If you’re looking to make a Buckeye State getaway, be it a day, overnight or long weekend, we've mapped out destinations you’ll love. From quirky museums and expansive antiques stores to sprawling gardens and can’t-miss state parks, we’ve mapped out journeys that reflect the spirit of our state. Explore a lot of just a little. Whether you're looking to cover some serious ground or take the scenic route, our getaway guide promises a full slate of family fun, great destinations and memorable adventures. Gas up! It’s time to hit the road.

Lake Hope State Park
State Parks on the Water: Ohio State Parks offer access to wide-open lakes and all the fun that comes with them. These summer hot spots are a good place to start. Read More

Dayton Dragons
Minor League Ballparks: From the Dayton Dragons to the Columbus Clippers, these teams offer plenty of fun alongside America’s pastime. Read More 

Adams County Quilt Barn Tour Windmill Pattern
Adams County Quilt Barns: This southern Ohio county’s quilt barn tour connects the countryside while celebrating a cornerstone of American folk art. Read More

Heart of Ohio Antique Center
Antiques Superstores: Whether you’re looking for century-old antiques or toys from your childhood, these spots are great places to get lost for an afternoon. Read More

Holden Arboretum's Canopy Walk
Gardens: Our state’s variety of botanical gardens and arboreta offers the chance to reconnect with nature and see plant species from around the world. Read More

Tin Goose Diner
Retro Diners: Here’s where you can take a step back in time and enjoy a slice of Americana in a vintage setting. Read More

Oxford's Bagel & Deli
College-Town Eats: Whether you’re making a return trip or visiting for the first time, you cant go wrong grabbing a bite at these landmark eateries. Read More

American Sign Museum
Quirky Museums: These attractions showcase corners of pop culture and American heritage in fun environments everyone will love. Read More

John Glenn Astronomy Park
Night Skies: Head to one of these observatories and astronomy parks to take a deeper look at the heavens above. Read More

State Parks on the Water | Minor League Ballparks | Adams County Quilt Barns | Antique Superstores | Gardens | Retro Diners | College-Town Eats | Quirky Museums | Night Skies

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