February 2014 Issue


5 Great Brewpubs

Visit Ohio spots that have mastered craft brews and great food to go with them.

Food + Drink

Sweet Perfection

The Gottenbusch family’s Servatii Pastry Shops have become a Cincinnati favorite built on old-world-style desserts.


Case Study

For more than a century, Sherlock Holmes stories have captivated readers. A COSI exhibit brings literature’s most famous detective to life.

Garden of Inspiration

The Toledo Museum of Art transports visitors to Paris with art tied to the city’s famous public green space.

Home + Garden

Why the Ginseng Plant is Rooted in Love

The mysterious plant, which is native to Ohio, has been used in love potions for centuries. Today, it remains a hot commodity for those who know where to look and how to find it. 

Ohio Life

My Ohio: Lasting Impressions

A missing Monet highlights the things that provide form to the places we call home.