Patron at 400 West Rich and April Sunami (inset)

4 Columbus Art Galleries and Studios You'll Love

Artist April Sunami shares places where you can find great art beyond the walls of a museum.

April Sunami’s mixed-media paintings and installations are celebrated for their dynamic depictions of women of color. The Columbus-based artist’s works are displayed at galleries and museums, and she’s entrenched in the city’s vibrant art scene.

All People Arts, Streetlight Arts Guild and Maroon Arts are among the many spots near and dear to her. We asked Sunami to share a few more favorite places to see art outside of a museum.

400 West Rich: This sprawling former manufacturing facility in the Franklinton neighborhood overflows with more than 100 art studios and galleries. “On Fridays, all the studios and galleries are open and you can go in and see everything,” Sunami says.

ROY G BIV Gallery: You might not recognize the up-and-coming artists in this brightly lit space but you won’t forget their works. “It’s a spot dedicated to contemporary, cutting-edge, emerging artists and I love it,” says Sunami.

The Vanderelli Room: From traditional gallery exhibits to installation-based shows, this space hosts any idea an artist can dream up. “It’s really an exploratory space,” says Sunami. “It allows for really free experimentation and has been a really important spot for artists.”

Blockfort Gallery and Studios: Home to the studios and galleries of 25 designers, sculptors and painters, including Sunami, this industrial space is a one-stop shop for art. “It’s a working studio and a great place where you can buy art directly from the artists,” she says.

To see April Sunami’s art, visit

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