Millers creamery ice cream nachos
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Try Ice Cream Nachos at Miller’s Creamery

With locations in Tuscarawas and Holmes counties, this shop offers eight fun flavors of its cool creation.

If these three words don’t inspire a summer road trip, they’ll at least pique your curiosity: ice cream nachos. Miller’s Creamery, which has shops in Dover and Millersburg as well as a seasonal trailer in New Philadelphia, unveiled the offering earlier this year while the snow was still flying, and it quickly became a customer favorite.

“We launched them the weekend of Valentine’s Day in February,” says manager Mandi Miller. “They were a huge hit, and I actually sold out of nachos by like 7 p.m. on Saturday.”

For those imagining the traditional pile of chips, cheese and sour cream, Miller’s Creamery’s ice cream nachos are presented in more of a ballpark style, with a container of “chips” (flat and round, sugar-cone-like wafers perfect for dipping) served next to a mound of soft-serve ice cream dressed up in one of eight deliciously inventive ways, from chocolate chip cookie dough to strawberry cheesecake. There is also the option to design your own creation by choosing from the shop’s lineup of toppings, but Miller says about 95 percent of customers go with one of their combinations.

Aside from ice cream nachos, Miller’s Creamery is also known for its soft-serve sherbet and hand-dipped ice cream (16 flavors are always available). If you can’t settle on just one, you don’t have to choose. The shop’s ice cream flights let customers order scoops of five different flavors.  

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