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Velvet Ice Cream Offers Fun for the 2016 Election

Velvet Ice Cream asks customers to cast their vote with a Blueberry Donkey or Elephant Ear sundae.

Election Day may still be six months away, but Velvet Ice Cream Co.’s Ye Olde Mill has a delicious way for guests to cast their ballot all summer long. 

The polls opened last month, when the Utica creamery kicked off the season at its on-site restaurant and ice cream parlor. Through Oct. 31, patrons will be able to show their political colors by ordering one of two election-season sundaes. 

The Blueberry Donkey Sundae features two scoops of blueberry cheesecake ice cream smothered in a blueberry topping. On the other side of the aisle, the Republican-themed Elephant Ear Sundae features a double scoop of Velvet’s elephant ear ice cream blanketed with caramel sauce. 

Both creations are topped with whipped cream and garnished with either a white chocolate donkey or white chocolate elephant. 

“Everyone loves to voice their opinion about politics, so we said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to see how the polls might come out?’ ” says Velvet Ice Cream vice president Joanne Dager. “Are people going to order the sundae because they like that flavor or are they going to order it because they’re a diehard Democrat or diehard Republican?” 11324 Mount Vernon Rd., Utica 43080, 740/892-3921, velveticecream.com