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Ohio Amish Country Foods

Want to find the best of what the region offers? Our guide to these excellent pies, cheese, jams and more is a good place to start. 

Harvest season is one of the best times to visit Ohio’s Amish Country. From Middlefield to Millersburg and Walnut Creek to Sugarcreek, we crisscrossed the rolling hills as we sought out cheese, pies, jams and more to fill your table and pantry with as late summer gives way to the crunch of falling leaves. After you’re done browsing the various categories, click through to our Amish Country Food Guide, which offers a checklist of 25 places known for delicious eats to take home with you or enjoy on-site. 

Amish cheese and meats (photo by Karin McKenna)
Cheese & Meat: You can’t visit Ohio’s Amish Country without buying some locally made, award-winning cheese (and don’t forget Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna to go with it). Read more about Amish Country cheese and meat.

Amish pies
Pies & Pastries: So many pies, so little time. Ohio’s Amish Country offers a wide variety of flavors and styles. That’s before we even get to the fritters and fry pies. Read more about Amish Country pies and pastries.

Amish jams and spreads (photo by Karin McKenna)
Jams & Jars: From a peanut butter spread that's a staple of Amish kitchens to a rainbow of homemade jams, here’s what to stock up on. Read more about Amish Country jams and jarred goods.

Peaches at Hershberger's (photo by Kristen Jones)
Ohio Amish Country Food Guide: Want the specifics on where to buy everything in our guide? You’ll find it here, along with plenty of other destinations for picking up fare to take home or sitting down to enjoy a full meal. Read our Ohio Amish Country Food Guide!