Summer Pleasures

Join in the fun as the Glass City makes the most of the season with festivals, concerts, sports and arts events.

Two ducks bob up and down on gentle waves.

The mallards round a curve in the Maumee River, taking them past The Docks and International Park. The sightseeing ducks watch a young couple strolling hand in hand down a riverside walkway and a nearby family sitting on a bench pointing as boats sail by.

The green space is a favorite destination for Toledo residents and tourists. The city-owned property was once a small park with a large, nondescript storage facility. That building was converted to house several restaurants, including The Real Seafood Company, where “fresh catch” is more than a slogan and tables overlook the river. The park was expanded to provide a respite from Toledo’s busy downtown. The Docks and International Park, although open year round, are especially popular during warm-weather months.

Summer pleasures involve all of the senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In July and August, Toledo provides opportunities to savor all five. To read more, click here to subscribe. >>