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Buying the Right Sleeping Bag, Backpack and Tent

The Boy Scouts had it right: Be prepared. When it comes to outdoor adventure, Bryan Wolf of Milford’s Roads Rivers and Trails can help with that.

Bryan Wolf doesn’t want only to equip you for your next adventure, he wants to inspire it as well. The co-owner of Roads Rivers and Trails in Milford can help you make the big decisions when it comes to buying your camping essentials. We asked for his advice on three big items that could make or break your trip. 

Backpack: Backpacks may appear to be the same size, but pay close attention to how much weight they can carry and how many liters of room they afford. It’s also important to make sure you’re comfortable wearing it. “You don’t want to take shortcuts when choosing a backpack,” says Wolf. “You want it custom-fit.” Price Range: $200–$300

Sleeping Bag: 
You don’t have to worry about a particular size, as most sleeping bags are universal. Wolf does recommend a 15- to 30-degree bag, meaning you should be comfortable down to that temperature. Also, buy a sleeping mat, which will help insulate you from the ground and provide additional comfort. Price Range: $100–$400

Tent: Wolf steers customers toward low-profile, heavy-duty, waterproof tents. Also, be sure the tarp you buy to place underneath doesn’t extend beyond the tent’s width or water will get trapped between the two. “Buying a tent shouldn’t be a frequent purchase, but rather a 10-year-or-so purchase,” Wolf says, adding customers should keep in mind how many people you’ll need room for, not only now, but in the future. Price Range: $175–$400

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