Canoeing at Mohican

Canoeing the Mohican River

Mohican Adventures in Loudonville has been helping paddlers get out on the water for decades.  

Since 1974, Doug and Patty Shannon have helped families get out on the Mohican River. Their livery, located just down the road from the entrance to Mohican State Park in Loudonville, is still going strong today. Kayaks, rafts and inner tubes have since been added to the offerings available to those who want to take a leisurely afternoon float. But if you want the old-school experience, find a paddle buddy and go with the canoe.

Mohican Adventures offers two different excursions for river explorers: a 7-mile paddle that starts at the livery and ends downstream at Frye’s Landing — named for Dick Frye, considered a founding father of Ohio canoeing. The 7-mile trip takes about two hours and Patty Shannon says it’s Mohican Adventures' most popular option. (Paddlers are picked up and brought back to the livery.)

“You will see very steep cliffs and farmlands,” she says of the 7-mile route. “It’s a great trip for beginners.”

A 15-mile option is available for more experienced paddlers who want to spend a good part of their day on the river. That trip spans four or five hours depending how fast the water is flowing. (For this one, paddlers are transported upstream and then float back to the livery.)
“That trip is definitely more farmland and a little more wilderness,” Shannon says. “It’s a less crowded section of the river.”

No matter the option, the river tends to be fairly shallow most of the time — anywhere between 1 to 3 feet, according to Shannon, with deeper spots here and there. For those who want the river a little more to themselves, Shannon suggests canoeing on weekdays or early in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays, because the experience can get a little wilder when the river is filled with weekenders.  

“It’s something that anybody at any age can do,” Shannon says of canoeing. “You can start at 3 years old and go all the way through the rest of your life.” 

Call or visit website for pricing and information. 3045 St. Rte. 3, Loudonville 44842, 419/994-4097,