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Vintage finds and nostalgia abound at these spots that offer a trip back through the years. 

Berlin Village Antique Mall
Packed with memory joggers and an extensive collection of glassware, this two-floor destination in the heart of Berlin will transport you back through the years. 

The tall wooden archway framing the entrance to this two-story mall only gives visitors a hint of how massive the collection of antiques is inside. The thousands of pieces on display in this 26,000-square-foot space flood shoppers with memories of decades gone by.

“When visitors come in here … they see a lot of things they would see when they were younger at their grandparents’ house,” explains owner David Miller, who has operated the place since 2001. “People feel nostalgic when they come in.”

The Berlin Village Antique Mall is home to a total of 55 vendors, and guests can access the second floor via staircase or elevator. This popular shopping destination is known for its extensive collection of glassware, but there’s so much more, starting with the collection of antique pieces displayed along the front walkway.

Inside, the offerings range from old books to vintage car and sports signs to old-fashioned furniture pieces. (During our visit, there was even a collection of cardboard cutouts of pop culture icons.) Miller suggests leaving plenty of time to explore, but it’s unlikely you’ll have time to see it all.   

“There are a lot of items in here,” he adds, “and it definitely takes more than eight hours to look through.” 4774 E. Main St., Berlin 44610, 330/893-4100,

Walnut Creek Antique Mall
Thanks to the giant Walnut Creek Water Tower standing tall next door, this Amish-owned and -operated antique mall is nearly impossible to miss. Don’t be thrown by the garage-like exterior packed with vintage car parts and tools. Once inside the 11,000-square-foot mall, you’ll find 47 vendors offering a vast selection of collectibles, antiques and rustic home decor pieces, ranging from old-fashioned sleds to vintage cameras to rocking chairs. “Visitors like our prices and the variety of items that we have,” says Aden Miller, who opened the mall in 1997. “We have regulars come back because of how clean the space is, and you can spend at least a couple hours when you come in.” 4872 McKinley Place Dr., Walnut Creek 44687, 330/893-4010

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Note: The original version of this article included Village Antiques & Collectibles in Sugarcreek, which is now permanently closed.