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Live Well: February 2016

Dietitians share five heart-healthy eating strategies.


Live Well: December 2015

Health pros share how to eat smart at your family feasts this season.


Live Well: June 2015

Working outside in your yard can have real health benefits.


Live Well: August 2017

Ohio hospital systems share advances and innovations in women’s health. Plus, doctors outline what screenings women need and when.


Live Well Ohio: May 2019

Ohio physician Dr. Glen Aukerman helps his patients choose organic and local fruits and vegetables that will be the most beneficial for their individual body makeup.


Live Well: March 2015

Here are five ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.


Live Well: May 2016

Here's how to make the most of your doctor visits.


Live Well Ohio: September 2015

How to get your kids mentally and physically prepared for the new school year.


Live Well Ohio: February 2018

From smartphone ECG readings to a device that offers hope when surgery does not, advances in use at these Ohio hospital systems are changing the face of treatment.


Live Well Ohio May 2018

Here’s how to get moving this summer, no matter your level of fitness. Plus: Physicians share advice for protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.


Live Well: February 2017

Learn about the work going on at three leading Ohio heart centers.


Live Well Ohio: February 2019

Three patients share their stories about the cardiac issues they didn’t see coming.


Live Well: October 2017

Ohio hospital systems share how research into how we screen for breast cancer and treat the disease has improved patient outcomes.


Bring on the Blue

Grow your own or pick your own, blueberries are not only delicious, they’re also packed with healthy ingredients.


Best Hometowns 2018: New Albany

This charming community in suburban Columbus works to improve residents’ lives by focusing on health, wellness and culture.


Wild Lives

Mona Rutger founded Back to the Wild in 1990 as a place to nurse injured animals back to health. Over the course of a year, the center is home to more than 2,500 creatures, ranging from owls to butterflies.


Live Well: May 2017

How three Ohio hospital systems are battling summer’s big threat, and how to get moving and have fun with organized sports this season.


Best Hometowns

Ohio Magazine's annual Best Hometowns section features the best places in Ohio to live, work and play.


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