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Whether you want to find new cocktail recipes, learn about interesting spirits or explore distilleries across Ohio and beyond, Proof Magazine is your guide. 

Proof Magazine offers insight, inspiration and ideas for Ohio’s spirit lovers. Each issue is packed with information on great bottles, tasty recipes and places to explore during your travels. Here is what you’ll find in the Spring 2024 issue of Proof Magazine.

Noble Cut Distillery Owner Tony Guilfoy Talks Cellos: Since opening in 2015, Noble Cut Distillery in Gahanna has garnered industry and customer praise. We asked founder Tony Guilfoy how the company has built its successes.

5 Herbaceous Cocktails to Make This Spring: Infuse the freshness of herbs into your cocktails with these colorful creations that are sure to impress at any home bar.

That’s the Spirit: Pisco: When you think of fermented grapes, wine may come to mind. However, grapes can also yield Pisco, a clear brandy with herbaceous, floral and fruity notes similar to tequila.

Meet Two Ohio Spirit Makers Finding Success Together: Noble Cut Distillery and Simple Times Mixers find their businesses are more profitable by working together.

Spirit Spotlight: Shiphouse Vodka: Bryan Kasper's investment in Noble Cut Distillery led to the creation of Shiphouse Vodka, inspired by the century-old Benson Ford Shiphouse.

Bartenders to Know: The Crew at Cleveland’s Cloak & Dagger: Cloak & Dagger is home to mixologists who craft seasonal delights and imaginative offerings inspired by various themes, all complemented by seasonal food pairings.

How to Use Bitters in Your At-Home Cocktails: Mixologists know making cocktails is an art, a science and even a bit of magic. One must-have ingredient is bitters as just a drop can add complex flavors and transform the taste of your drink.

Your Guide to Garnishes: How to Spruce Up a Cocktail: It’s especially fun crafting cocktails for guests, and you can add an extra flair with the right garnish. Give your cocktails a touch of pizzazz with garnishes that can add taste as well as looks.

Behind the Bar: Ginger Rabbit and The Spirit Room at the Phoenix: From a jazzy spot perfect for a night out to an upstairs whiskey bar, here are two spots to write home about this season.

How to Make Dole Pineapple Rum Dump Cake: Using spirits in the kitchen is a fun way to spruce up recipes and introduce exciting flavors. Now Dole has shared a delightfully easy recipe for a pineapple rum cake.

Previous Issues

Proof Magazine Winter 2023 Issue

Proof Magazine Winter 2023

Exploring Bourbon’s Magical City
Writer Michael Pramik embraces the allure of Louisville and stops along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, including the bed-and-breakfast Chateau Bourbon. 

That’s the Spirit: Ouzo: As the year comes to a close, we recommend toasting with a spirit steeped in a culture of camaraderie. Ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, is the perfect pour.

7 Cocktails to Make This Holiday Season: Impress your friends with these concoctions that will take you from Halloween to New Year’s Eve.

5 Holiday-Themed Pop-Up Cocktail Bars You’ll LoveCreative cocktails and Christmas go together like Clark Griswold and over-the-top holiday decorating. These spirited experiences are a gift to festive Ohioans.

Meet the Bar Owner Creating Spots Inspired by Movies: Jacob Trevino’s Gorilla Cinema gets creative in Cincinnati with cocktail bars that reflect the feel of some of our favorite films.

Behind the Bar: The Van Buren Room and The Flying Pepper CantinaOne is a single-room cocktail bar alongside a Dayton distillery. Another is a fun downtown spot in Bellefontaine. Both are well worth a visit. 

Check Out These Spots on Louisville’s Whiskey Row: As the starting point for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Louisville’s Whiskey Row is ground zero for visitors to bourbon country. Here are two spots our writer loved.

13 Distilleries to Visit in Louisville: A spirits-focused getaway to Louisville offers plenty of choices. Here are more than a dozen good ones you can make when exploring bourbon in the city. 

Explore Northern Kentucky’s B-Line Trail: This route hits seven distilleries and a multitude of bars and restaurants that give a taste of what makes bourbon country great.

How to Make Flourless Bourbon BrowniesDuring the holidays it’s especially heartwarming to infuse a little extra spirit into your seasonal sweets. This treat is perfect for parties or a nighttime snack.

View a digital version of the Proof Magazine Winter 2023 edition.

Proof Magazine Summer 2023 Issue

Proof Magazine 
Summer 2023

Explore a Pittsburgh Tiki Bar: Writer Michael Pramik takes us along on a trip to Hidden Harbor and his conversation with co-owner Adam Henry.  

That’s the Spirit: Chartreuse: Sip on the spirit known as the elixir for “long life.” Its origins date back 1764, and the story of its rise to prominence makes for quite the cocktail-party tale. 

7 Cocktail Recipes that are Perfect for Summer: Celebrate by shaking up these festive cocktails that pair well with parties and picnics all season long.

How Ohio’s Anti-Saloon League Helped Lead a Last Call on Alcohol: The 18th Amendment and Prohibition put an end to the United States enjoyment of spirits — an effort spearheaded by a group that was founded in Oberlin in 1893.

A Bartender to Know: The Gristmill’s Brooke Rodwancy: Her Port Clinton cocktail bar offers a drink lineup featuring fresh ingredients and house-infused spirits.

A Guide to the Northern Ohio Distillery Passport: 
Take a tour across the top half of our state by planning stops at these distilleries stretching from Toledo to Geneva. 

Behind the Bar: Opa Grill & Tavern and Longfellow’s Other Room: One is a charming spot in downtown Delaware. The other is a hidden back-room bar in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Don’t miss either of them.

The Epiphany that Created Maggie’s Farm Rum: Tim Russell shares his audacious journey of defiance that helped him start what is now a fixture in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. 

How To Make Whiskey Barbecue Sauce:
 Food writer Nicholas Dekker shares the recipe for one of his summer grilling favorites: Weber’s Whiskey Barbecue Sauce. 

View a digital version of the
Proof Magazine Summer 2023 edition