People waiting at bar for pour at Toledo Spirits (photo by Megan Leigh Barnard)
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A Guide to the Northern Ohio Distillery Passport

Take a tour across the top half of our state by planning stops at these distilleries stretching from Toledo to Geneva. 

Local distilleries are scattered across the state, but each one has something that makes them special. The Northern Ohio Distillery Passport aims to introduce people to the distilleries across the top of the state and the spirits they produce. Running from April 1 to October 1, this passport adventure includes 14 distilleries. Complete the passport and you’ll get an invite for the Distiller’s Ball, a formal attire masquerade event that you won’t want to miss.

Sample the ready-to-drink Heart of Glass Vodka Lemonade from Toledo Spirits, made from Ohio-grown strawberries. Master the art of cocktail making through a class at Toledo Spirits’ craft cocktail bar, Bellwether. Toledo

Enjoy a bourbon flight and gastropub fare at Everwild Spirits. The “Befores & Afters” menu will have the perfect pairing. Sandusky

Six-Fifths Distilling is best known for their absinthe experience, which includes a traditional glass fountain, spoon and sugar cubes. Perrysvburg 

Old School Recipe Moonshine (photo courtesy of Iron Vault Distillery)

Visit Iron Vault Distillery and try their Old School Moonshine or gin with a local twist with Ohio-grown blueberries. Master your spirit-making skills in a two-week bourbon making class. Galion

Ernest Scarano Distillery’s 10 Year embraces yet elevates traditional whiskey. Once it’s gone, it won’t be available for another decade. Elmore

West Branch Malts & Distillery’s offerings include whiskeys and many flavored vodkas, including guava. Brunswick

Bottles of dill-pickle-flavored vodka, Jamaican-style rum, bourbon and triple-charcoal-filtered vodka (photo courtesy of Lake Erie Distillery)
Lake Erie Distillery’s commitment to the environment is evident throughout the distilling process, starting with locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients. Willoughby

The award-winning Maple Whiskey from Doc Howard’s Distillery, originally an experiment of making bourbon with wheat, is a must-try. Perry

The natural, bold flavors of Seven Brothers Distilling Co.’s spirits are a perk of their unique low-temperature distillation process. Harpersfield

Crowd watching demonstration of distillery machine at Minglewood Distilling Company (photo by Wendy Pramik)
Take a tour and learn about the historic ice house that is now the home of Minglewood Distilling Company. Wooster

BKO Distillery handcrafts their own brand of vodka with pure cane sugar instead of grain to minimize flavors carrying over. Medina

With a rich bootlegging history during Prohibition, Towpath Distillery uses family recipes
and new world techniques to produce their spirits. Akron

Bourbon, vodka and gin are just a few of the spirits produced at Gervasi Vineyard. Try a flight at The Still House. Canton

Men talking and drinking at Red Eagle Distillery in Geneva (photo by Chris Casella)
Red Eagle Distillery sources their ingredients locally, even growing and harvesting the grapes used in their brandy and vodka themselves. Geneva

Extra Credit: As a newly featured stop on the passport this year, The Hangar at City Goods (Cleveland) provides an extra adventure. The Hangar carries products from all 14 distilleries in the passport, crafts locally sourced cocktails and has their own local beer and wine collection. Explore the rest of the City Goods complex and shop from 24 local merchants. There is an extra surprise for stopping here for the extra credit stamp and completing the passport! 

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