Cleveland’s Scoot! Coffee craft cold brew concentrate (photo courtesy of Scoot! Coffee)
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Scoot! Cold Brew Takes a Fresh Approach to Coffee

The Cleveland shop uses cold-brew concentrate it calls “estratto” rather than drip espresso to craft its lineup of drinks. 

Tucked away on a brick-lined stretch of Cleveland’s West 114th Street, Scoot! Cold Brew embraces a fresh philosophy when serving up hot and cold coffee drinks ranging from lattes and mochas to nitro cold brew. 

The shop’s beans come from a sustainable farm in Honduras and are roasted in Cleveland. But the biggest difference between Scoot! and other shops is that instead of relying on drip espresso, it uses cold-brew concentrate it calls “estratto” to craft its drinks.

“You don’t have to be dependent on the brewing process when you go in and get your mocha,” says owner Kari DeGraff. “... It’s the future of coffee.”

The shop’s most popular offerings are mochas and its lavender vanilla latte. Scoot! also sells bottles of its cold-brew concentrate to take home.

As a woman-, veteran- and LGBTQ-owned business, Scoot! is committed to creating an inclusive operation. For DeGraff, that means building a human-centered company with a pleasant work environment and a consistent product. 

“I want to see businesses change,” DeGraff says. “Put your money where your mouth is and start leading the way.”

2085 W. 114th St., Cleveland 44102, 216/801-5664,