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4 Delicious Dayton Desserts

Mandy Muller offers a tasty tour of Dayton with her Instagram feed focused on foodie finds.

Mandy Muller launched Gem City Eats on Instagram in 2018 to highlight Dayton’s culinary scene. “As young professionals are getting recruited to potentially work here, they want to know what there is to do,” Muller says. “Food is a huge part of that.” We asked Muller for some of her favorite desserts in Dayton.

Caramel Apple Speculoos Crumble • Wheat Penny: The Italian restaurant and bar makes this dessert featuring Honeycrisp apples, cinnamon, ginger, speculoos cookie crumble and oats, served with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel. 515 Wayne Ave., Dayton 45410, 937/496-5268,

Chocolate Pots de Creme • Lily’s: Muller loves this decadent French dessert. “It’s garnished with caramel and sea salt. It’s really rich and awesome,” she says. “It’s kind of like a chocolate custard … and it’s served in a porcelain cup.” 329 E. Fifth St., Dayton 45402, 937/723-7637,

S’mores Tart • Coco’s Bistro: This restaurant offers a seasonal take on the campfire creation. “It’s beautiful … pretty much an adult version of a s’more,” Muller says. “It’s got a graham-cracker crust, a really rich chocolate ganache and a homemade marshmallow.” 250 Warren St., Dayton 45402, 937/228-2626,

Gem Tart • St. Anne the Tart: “I literally would eat anything from here,” Muller says, before pointing to this takeoff on Pop-Tarts as a favorite. “Whenever they have a new [flavor], I’ll go down and get a coffee and have one.” Note: St. Anne the Tart is closed, but you can stay up to date on Megan Smith's new ventures at and

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