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Sponsored: Local Guesthouse sees surge in bookings

Lighthouse Resort Hotel joins and sees 100% booking rates on weekends. 

Lighthouse Resort Hotel - Marblehead Ohio

1."What was your worry when joining and did that worry disappear or get relieved once the partnership started?”
Our Main concern and reason for waiting to go on was with understanding a new computer system to allow us to link the portals, as well as commissions for our rooms.

2. “If you would mention a couple of things you really like about the partnership with, what would that be?
Susan ( Account Manager) has been wonderful to work with, she has done a visit with us in person to go over the platform. She has has been willing to work around our hectic schedule and answer any questions 24/7.

3. “Would you recommend to others and if so why?”
Yes, anyone unsure for any reason really needs to sit down and talk. In our first 3 days we received over 100 bookings. 

4. “What is the greatest value brings in for your business?"
The bottom line to any business is money. They have been able to increase our presence on the web and bring more money in. The commissions are cheaper than what we would spend on advertising and we have a guarantee of an ROI before we pay anything back.

5. “How has working with helped your business?”
We have been at 100% to capacity every weekend since booking as well as increasing our weekday business. If our continued growth keeps up we will be able to cut back on marketing and advertising. What this means for us is even more money back to the bottom line. 

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