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Amish Country Road Trips: Berlin

The oldest village in Holmes County is a hub of activity, but also be sure to check out some of the other must-visit spots in the surrounding countryside.

Berlin is the oldest village in Holmes County, founded in 1816 by Berlin, Germany, native John Swigert and Berlin, Pennsylvania, native Joseph Troyer. The area's earliest settlers mostly came from Germany and Switzerland, while the first Amish church was established here in 1820. Today, Berlin is a hub of activity. The village is walkable with lots of restaurants or shops in or near the heart of town, but be sure to branch off and check out some of the other must-visit spots in the surrounding countryside.

Sol’s in Berlin:
This arts and crafts emporium houses a wide assortment of home decor, ranging from holiday decorations to garden flags to wooden signs inscribed with inspirational messages. More than 400 artisans and crafters sell their handmade wares in this sprawling space that’s billed as the largest craft mall in Ohio and actually consists of three stores: Sol’s Palace, Sol’s Exchange and Sol’s Kit N’ Kaboodle. 4914 W. Main St., Berlin 44610, 330/893-3134,

Helping Hands Quilt Shop: As the original quilt shop in Berlin, this place is a sewing paradise. The shop stocks quilting books, a multitude of patterns and more than 3,000 bolts of fabric, including a variety of seasonal designs that will ensure you have just the right material for that upcoming project. The store also sells completed works: More than 100 locally made quilts, pillows, wall hangings, potholders, centerpieces, table runners and more are among what you’ll find here. 4818 W. Main St., Berlin 44610, 330/893-2233,

Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant: People line up outside to get a seat at this cozy spot that began as a grocery store in the 1930s. Breakfast starts at 5:30 a.m. with classics like hot cakes and homemade sausage gravy and biscuits, while lunch and dinner bring country favorites such as pork chop or roast beef dinners with your choice of hearty sides. Cases of homemade pies line the wall behind the original green lunch counter, and you’ll want to be sure to leave room for a piece. 4819 E. Main St., Berlin 44610, 330/893-4000,

Berlin Farmstead Restaurant: Like Dutchman Hospitality’s four other Ohio restaurants, this place is known for its large buffet stocked with country favorites such as broasted chicken and roast beef, as well as home-style sides spanning mashed potatoes, noodles and more. Like the other Dutchman Hospitality locations, an on-site bakery provides the opportunity to buy sweets to take home if you fill up too much during your visit. Choose from a wide selection of pies, cakes, cookies, buckeyes and more. 4757 Township Rd. 366, Berlin 44610, 330/893-4600,

Berlin Village Antique Mall: This two-floor antique mall features a wide selection of vintage items but is particularly known for its glassware. The place gives the feel of a treasure hunt with its wealth of classic memorabilia, old license plates, retro toys, kitchen collectibles and more. Because the inventory here changes frequently, you’re sure to uncover something new each time you visit. Once you’re done browsing, you can grab a bite at the Plain & Simple Diner connected to the first floor of the antique mall. 4474 U.S. Rte. 62, Berlin 44610, 330/893-4100,

Holmes County Flea Market: This shopping destination with more than 400 vendor spaces is the longest-standing flea market in Holmes County. The main space is divided into four color-coded wings with goods ranging from sports memorabilia and home decor items to locally made sauces and Amish crafts. Also be sure to check out the new fifth wing, Amish Country Pickers Antique Mall and Vintage Market, filled with a collection of antique and primitive finds. 4550 St. Rte. 39, Millersburg 44654, 330/893-0900,

Troyer Market: Bins of fresh produce line the market’s front porch, inviting shoppers with fresh blueberries, cucumbers, apples and more. But Troyer Market may be best known for its variety of jarred Amish Wedding foods made using authentic family recipes. You can also make your own peanut butter or fill your own bottles of honey from local purveyors. Cap off your visit by grabbing a scoop of one of the 32 homemade ice cream flavors available daily. 5201 County Rd. 77, Millersburg 44654, 330/893-3786, 

Nearby 14 Miles | Lehman’s: Lehman’s has become an Amish Country landmark thanks to its deep inventory of nonelectric everything. Founded in 1955 by Jay Lehman, the store started out serving local Amish communities but has also grown into a tourist destination catering to those who want to embrace the simple life. Products range from lanterns to canning supplies to Amish-made furniture organized and displayed in a nearly quarter-mile-long series of showrooms. 4779 Kidron Rd., Dalton 44618 (GPS directions), 800/438-5346,
Nearby 4.8 Miles | Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen: Gloria Yoder has operated her restaurant since 1994, serving country favorites like fried chicken and slow-cooked beef pot roast along with dishes you’re not likely to find in the area, like buttermilk-breaded popcorn shrimp. Top off your meal with a slice of one of the fresh-baked, seasonal fruit pies, and browse the small gift shop that sells items ranging from farm-themed puzzles to cookbooks featuring traditional Amish dishes. 8101 St. Rte. 241, Mount Hope 44660, 330/674-0922,

Nearby 3.2 Miles | Guggisberg Cheese: Makers of the original Baby Swiss cheese, this shop fills its coolers with wheels and wedges of its award-winning creations, as well as an assortment of hard salamis and sausages. Farmers deliver fresh milk daily to craft the cheeses that shoppers can watch being made through a large window. The shop’s Baby Swiss was named Best Cheese in America in the 2019 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. 5060 St. Rte. 557, Millersburg 44654, 330/893-2500,

Nearby 1.2 Miles | Heini’s Cheese Chalet: Since 1935, this shop (formerly Bunker Hill Cheese Co.) has relied on milk from local farms to craft its more than 30 cheese varieties, which shoppers can sample before buying. Smoked meats, spices, honey, jams and jellies are among the other favorites here, along with Heini’s signature cheese fudge. Those curious about the cheese-making process can learn about it firsthand during one of the regularly scheduled free tours. 6005 County Rd. 77, Millersburg 44654, 330/893-2131,
Nearby 2.8 Miles | Miller’s Bakery: This quaint shop is located a little out of the way, but it’s well worth the side trip for its homemade cheese tarts, doughnuts, cookies, fry pies, breads and more. Walking in, you’re instantly hit with the sugary scent of the day’s offerings, and you’d be wise to visit early in order to choose from the full selection of treats, which tend to sell quickly. The bakery also stocks other Amish Country favorites, ranging from jarred fruits to homemade noodles. 4250 Township Hwy. 356, Millersburg 44654, 330/893-3002

Nearby 5.1 Miles | Homestead Furniture: Working with customers from initial idea to finished piece, this store is known for its custom-made, high-quality furniture created by Amish craftsmen. An in-house designer helps Homestead Furniture’s customers sketch out their concepts, and visitors are encouraged to take a factory tour, where they can gain insight into the process and see the craftsmen at work. 8233 St. Rte. 241, Mount Hope 44660, 330/674-4902,