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Best Hometown 2023-2024 Nominations

Tell Us Why Your Community Should Be an Ohio Magazine Best Hometown:

Community spirit, strong schools, successful businesses and a shared sense of tradition have always been at the heart of a great place to call home — places where we value the importance of being a good neighbor and appreciate the connective power of working, playing and gathering together.

Since 2006, we have awarded our Best Hometown honor to communities across our state that are not only great places to live, but also interesting places to visit. These are the sort of towns where strangers are treated like friends, local improvement efforts become a focal point of community pride and progress also means remembering the past.

This fall we will once again recognize communities across Ohio that are looking to the future, working together and moving forward.

Nominating Your Town is Easy. Here is Everything You Need to Know:

Share with us (in 500 words or less for each category) some of the inspiring local efforts happening in your community. (We recommend typing your submission in another program and cutting and pasting it into the form in the event you have any problems submitting.) If you’d like to email or send your submission by mail, that’s fine as well (details below). All information must be received by April 28, 2023.

Nominations must be received by: April 28, 2023

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        Jim Vickers, Editor at

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Ohio Magazine's Best Hometowns
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Tell us why your community should be an Ohio Magazine Best Hometown:

Community Spirit

Share some of the unique ways your community has banded together. Who are the people in your community leading these efforts to increase togetherness and support for one another and how do they do so. 


Share some of the efforts going on in your local schools that are improving the education environment, helping students and showcasing educators that are leading initiatives that are making a difference. 


What are some of the attractions or events that draw visitors to your community and how have they improved the place you call home? 

Health & Safety

How has your community worked in the past year to make health and safety a priority in your town? How have those efforts evolved and what are some of the biggest successes you’ve had? 

Business Environment

Tell us about your downtown business district and your small business community. What are some of the longtime favorites that have been a fixture of the community for years? What are some of the newcomers that have quickly become local favorites? What larger industries support the tax base of your community and how are these businesses making a difference? 

Culture & Heritage

Tell us about the cultural institutions in your community that highlight the town’s shared heritage. How are they succeeding in telling your town’s story and highlighting the place you call home?

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If you have any trouble submitting, please call 216-926-8917.