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2020 Best Hometowns Promo

Community spirit, strong schools, innovative businesses and a shared sense of tradition have always been at the heart of a great place to call home. The past several months have made that even clearer as we individually and collectively faced unprecedented challenges that have stretched from our kitchen table to Main Street. 

But the toughest times often bring out the best in people — a fact we will celebrate this November as we mark the 15th year of honoring Ohio's Best Hometowns. We will celebrate the inspiring people and efforts that have aided us physically, steadied our spirit and prepared us to move forward together through these challenging times. 

We know there are so many inspiring stories to tell. We hope you will share your community's with us.

Share Your Community's Story:

Tell us in 500 words or less for each category about some of the inspiring people and local initiatives that have rallied your community and brought your town together this year. (We recommend typing your submission in another program and cutting and pasting it into the form in the event you would have any problems submitting.)

If you'd like to email or send your your submission by mail, that's fine as well (details below).

Entries must be received by: July 31, 2020

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Share how your community has banded together during these difficult times:

Community Spirit

During the past several months, how are some of the unique ways your community has banded together? Who are the people in your community who have led efforts to increase togetherness and support for one another and how did they do so? 


What are some of the unique ways your local educators encouraged connectedness while being apart and how did they do so? Who are the people leading initiatives in your community to support one another and develop a better understanding of the challenges we face together and how are they doing so? 


Our normal ways of connecting with one another by shared events and experiences have been postponed. What are some of the unique ways your community has engaged with residents to entertain or enlighten them? Who are the people in your community who have undertaken unique ways of sharing arts, culture and information with one another and how have they done so? 

Health & Safety

Health and safety have come to the forefront of our daily decisions. The choices we make not only affect us but our neighbors. What are unique programs or initiatives your community has launched to improve local health and safety? Who are some of the people in your community who have supported the health and safety of their neighbors with unique efforts or initiatives and how did they do so? 

Business Environment

Small businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. How did businesses in your community respond in creative ways to the stay-at-home orders that forced them to close ? Did your community launch any unique initiatives to support small business owners and what did they entail? Who are the people in your community who showed leadership when it came to finding ways to support local businesses and how did they do so? 

Culture & Heritage

Our cultural institutions help us understand our shared heritage and who we are as Ohioans. What are some unique ways your community has supported and promoted local culture and history during this time and who led these efforts?

Contact Information:

If you have any trouble submitting, please call 216-377-3707.