Best Hometowns

Each Ohio town has its own special qualities, undiscovered gems and treasures known only to its residents. Here is your chance to tell us about the place you call home and why it is one of Ohio’s best. From community spirit and education to attractions and celebrations to cultural heritage and business environment, we recognize communities that reflect the best that life in our state has to offer.

Communities recognized as an Ohio Magazine Best Hometown 2019–2020 will be featured in our November 2019 issue, as well as at other times throughout the year. Nominations for 2019-2020 towns may be submitted here.

The Guidelines are Simple:

Tell us in 500 words or less for each category why your hometown should be recognized as an Ohio Magazine Best Hometown. We love to see what's great about your town as well, and accept physical nominations in the mail. Feel free to send us brochures, postcards, photos or whatever else shows the spirit of your town.

Entries can be mailed to: Ohio Magazine's Best Hometowns, 1422 Euclid Ave., Suite 730, Cleveland OH 44115

Entries must be received by: May 3, 2019

Mail entries to:

Ohio Magazine's Best Hometowns
1422 Euclid Ave., Suite 730
Cleveland, OH 44115

(Materials submitted will not be returned)

Tell us why your hometown is the best in the following categories of civic life:

Community Spirit

Talk about how your town expresses its character through its neighborliness, physical appearance, civic pride and volunteer efforts. Is your town home to particularly distinguished community organizations? What sets you apart from the rest?


Tell us why your town is an academic success story. Are there outstanding alumni who have made their mark in Ohio or the rest of the world? Talk about stellar academic or extra-curricular programs that you are particularly proud of.


Why do visitors enjoy spending time in your town? Is it an outstanding park system or award-winning attraction? Is your town known for a special event or festival?

Health & Safety

Do the members of your community take pride in everything from the safety of their streets to their first-rate recycling program? Tell us about the ways your hometown cares for its own - and others - through municipal programs, non-profits and community groups.

Business Environment

Tell us about your hometown's economic climate.  What are the booming industries, and what's creating new jobs in your town? If you had to convince a close friend or family member to move to your town, what business indicators would you point out?

Culture & Heritage

Provide us with information about the cultural amenities of your town, including its museums and other points of cultural interest. Also, let us know about what your town has done to preserve its heritage, through programs designed to keep its history alive.

Contact Information:

If you have any trouble submitting, please call 216-377-3707.