Charles William Duvall painting
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Ohio Finds: Charles William Duvall Painting

The Columbus-based artist known for his landscapes painted this depiction of a wooded stream in 1927.

Born near Gallipolis, Ohio, in 1864, Charles William Duvall moved to our state capital in 1889 and become known as the dean of Columbus artists. He studied landscape art for a decade under Edward Parker Hayden, a native Ohioan who moved to Massachusetts. For Duvall though, life was about home, and home was Ohio. Although he spent time in Europe, touring and studying art, Duvall ultimately returned to Columbus where he opened a studio, taught and raised a family.

Although he also created portraits, the artist is remembered for his landscapes. He found the hills and forests of southeastern Ohio and nearby West Virginia to be inspirational subjects. His life came down to a simple cycle: Paint. Teach. Repeat. Duvall’s occupation was his classroom, as he noted, “Once you begin to teach, you soon realize how much that you, as well as the student, have to learn.”

The artist did not let the passage of time slow him down. He painted until a few months before his death in 1966 at the age of 101. Duvall created this painting of a wooded stream in 1927.  

Sold at Auction: $2,250

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