Ohio Favorite Jammin’ Cocktail
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Buckeye Vodka’s Ohio Favorite Jammin’ Cocktail

Combine mint, raspberry jam, Buckeye Vodka and a good dose of fizz. The result is a light and summery cocktail that promises to bring the flavor to your next cookout. 

This summer, we’re teaming up with Dayton’s own Buckeye Vodka to bring you some cocktail inspiration. Look for a new recipe courtesy of Buckeye Vodka on the front page of our website every Wednesday.  

Ohio Favorite Jammin’ Cocktail
The combination of mint and raspberry jam are the flavors that set this cocktail apart from the crowd. Charlie Ballinger, regional sales manager for Buckeye Vodka, uses soda water as the base for many summer cocktails, including this one, to bring the fizz. “It’s light, it’s not flavorful,” he says of the soda water, “so you’re not going to take away from the flavors of the drink you’re trying to highlight.” Ballinger also notes that the clean taste of Buckeye Vodka helps call attention to the fresh, summertime flavors. To get the most out of your mint, Ballinger suggests muddling before stirring it into the drink.

1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 ounce seedless raspberry jam
2 ounces Buckeye Vodka
2 ounces club soda
1 cup fresh mint
Lime slices

Whisk together lime juice and jam in a tall glass. Stir in Buckeye Vodka, club soda, mint, and sliced lime. Serve over ice.