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Boozy Buckeye Vodka Campfire Shake

This milkshake-like sweet treat is the perfect cocktail for gathering around the campfire once the summer sun goes down. 

We teamed up with Dayton’s own Buckeye Vodka to bring you some cocktail inspiration.

Boozy Buckeye Vodka Campfire Shake
Reminiscent of the classic Ohio candy, the buckeye, this peanut butter and chocolate cocktail is perfect for winding down in the evening. Charlie Ballinger, regional sales manager for Buckeye Vodka, says this dessert cocktail is perfect for summer nights after the sun goes down and the temperature cools off. “It’s a good after-dinner drink,” he says. “You’ve had your burgers, brats, steaks and you’re relaxing with the family, sitting outside. It’s a good nightcap,” Ballinger says. He recommends treating this cocktail like a milkshake by carefully balancing the ratio of milk to ice cream so it doesn’t end up runny.

1/2 cup chocolate peanut butter ice cream
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1-1/2 ounces Buckeye Vodka
Whipped cream for garnish
2 tablespoon mini marshmallows
Kitchen torch

Blend the ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup and vodka together in a blender until smooth. Top the shake with whipped cream. Then add marshmallows that have been toasted with a kitchen torch or grill lighter. Garnish with more chocolate sauce and other treats, such as mini peanut butter cup candies and peanut butter sundae topping.