Brisket, chicken and coleslaw at Benny & Babe in Marietta
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Benny & Babe, Marietta

Food truck founders Ben and Amy Postlethwait took over a historic downtown Marietta property to create Benny & Babe.

Built in 1879, the historic home at 332 Front St. in Marietta has undergone many evolutions over the years. It has been a private home, a cozy bed-and-breakfast, an upscale restaurant known as The Buckley House and now Benny & Babe.

In November 2021, Ben and Amy Postlethwait purchased the property and spent four months renovating the space before opening in March. The couple’s concept was to offer a fine-dining menu but infuse it with dishes inspired by their roots as operators of the Benny & Babe food truck.

That means you’ll find comfort-food favorites like barbecue, General Tso’s Brussels sprouts, whipped feta, fried green tomatoes and hot fried chicken, all presented in a high-end, yet accessible, atmosphere.

“People can choose the experience they want to have,” Amy Postlethwait says. “They can come in extremely dressed up and have a fancy night out, or they can just come in whatever they’re wearing for the day and have a casual dinner. That’s what we like about it.”

There are indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and the menu is set up as “Bites,” “From the Smoker” and “Plates” with the intention that parties order multiple dishes to share family style.

“It has been a learning experience, but people really love it,” Postlethwait says of the concept, “... everybody just passing different things around instead of being stuck to one.” 

332 Front St., Marietta 45750, 740/885-2023,