Sue King's "Great Blue"

‘Sue King: The Great Outdoors’ in Dublin

Through July 24, the Dublin Arts Council presents an exhibition showcasing the places this artist loves best, from destinations out west to those in her own backyard.

From Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon to Ohio’s Hocking Hills, the scenes Lancaster textile artist Sue King re-creates mirror her commitment to conservation. It’s a passion she inherited from her father while growing up on the family farm in Hilliard.

“We all get traits from both of our parents,” King says. “My dad loved the outdoors and would take us camping every weekend, and my mother loved to embroider. So, it’s no surprise that those are the two activities that are most important to me.”

Through July 24, the Dublin Arts Council is presenting “Sue King: The Great Outdoors,” an exhibition showcasing the places the artist loves best, including Wyoming, Montana and Colorado, as well as those practically in her own backyard.

“Although I love to travel out West, I really prize where I live,” says King, who draws inspiration from the lakes, woods, grasslands and rock formations of Alley Park, near her home. “I have the best of both worlds.”

Describing her work as a “seven-layer cake,” the artist begins by taking photographs of the image she wishes to replicate and silk screens favorites onto fabric, making necessary color adjustments with permanent watercolor. She adds batting and backing and tops off the work with machine- and hand-embroidered stitching, often incorporating beading, as well as antique lace and other vintage fabric for texture.

“The underlying message in the exhibition is that it’s really important to conserve all these natural places, because once they’re gone, they’re gone,” King says. “If we want to have the land conserved, every generation needs to value it — and that starts by teaching your children.”

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