Farmhouse Frocks retail space

Farmhouse Frocks, Millersburg

Lena Schlabach and her two daughters aim to make women of all sizes feel beautiful in their chic, comfortable and fun clothing line crafted by Amish seamstresses.

Farmhouse Frocks closed in 2023. Follow along on Instagram or visit the website for owner Lena Schlabach's next venture.

Growing up amish, Lena Schlabach never felt like she had her own voice, but through creating Amish-made clothing meant to empower all women, her mission has never been clearer. Schlabach runs Farmhouse Frocks with her two daughters, Syndi Schlabach and Felicia Mast, who design and hand pick fabrics to create comfortable clothing every woman can feel beautiful in. 

“It’s definitely something that doesn’t work for every family, but it has worked for us,” says Schlabach, who founded Farmhouse Frocks in 2014. “Both of [my daughters] are passionate and see my vision about empowering women.”

Not only does Schlabach aim to inspire confidence in the women who wear her clothing but also the 35 local Amish seamstresses who help sew them. Every seamstress prays over special labels attached to the clothing that read, “You are 100 percent beautiful, 100 percent God made, 100 percent unique and 100 percent worthy.”

“Many of these Amish women can’t have jobs because they stay home with their kids,” Schlabach says. “Sewing for us empowers them so that they can work and also stay home.”

The boutique has gained prominence through its major following on social media, specifically Instagram where it has almost 60,000 followers.

“The business has been a large success because of [social media],” Schlabach says. “Fifty percent of our sales come from online, and 85% of our website traffic comes from Instagram.”

The Rita Romper has been a top seller for three years because influencers have talked about the product online.

“Some people say they can never wear a jumper,” Schlabach says, “but I think we got the pattern just right, that even when customers think they can’t wear it, they put it on and love it.” 45 W. Jackson St., Millersburg 44654, 330/231-8475,