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Amish Country Road Trips: Sugarcreek

The village of Sugarcreek’s downtown is home to Swiss architectural styles and the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock, but the area was originally settled by a mix of Amish, Swiss and German families.

The village of Sugarcreek’s downtown is home to Swiss architectural styles and the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock, but the area was originally settled by a mix of Amish, Swiss and German families. The Swiss immigrants brought their cheese-making know-how with them, and it wasn’t long before small cheese factories began to pop up throughout the countryside. Not long after, the village of Sugarcreek began to take on its Alpine-inspired look and feel. Today, Sugarcreek goes by the nickname Little Switzerland and hosts the Ohio Swiss Festival every September.

Troyer Furniture:
This family-owned business stocks both traditional and modern furniture in a variety of woods and colors — all of it made by Amish craftsmen. The store prides itself on catering to customers’ styles and helping them find selections that fit the look and feel of their home. In addition to its focus on solid-wood, Amish-made furniture, the store offers upholstered furniture as well. 985 W. Main St., Sugarcreek 44681, 330/852-4752,

World's Largest Cuckoo Clock: Originally located behind Alpine Alpa restaurant, which closed in 2009, this oversize cuckoo clock got a second life in downtown Sugarcreek. Standing at 23 1/2 feet tall and 24 feet wide, the attraction delights locals and visitors with a mechanical dancing couple and five-piece oompah band that perform every half hour. The clock also graced the cover of the 1978 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records100 N. Broadway St., Sugarcreek 44681,

Alpine Hills Museum: This small yet informative museum tells the story of Sugarcreek’s intersection of German, Swiss and Amish heritage. Established in 1976, the free museum runs completely on visitor donations. Exhibits depict a 1900s Amish home, an 1890 Swiss cheese house and the historic print shop of The Budget newspaper. Downstairs, you’ll find 1895 firefighting equipment among other pieces of local history, while the upstairs shares stories of people who called the village home. 106 W. Main St., Sugarcreek 44681, 330/852-4113,

Swiss Village Bulk Foods: No matter what bulk food you need, you’ll likely find it among the approximately 6,000 products in stock here, including meats, cheeses, spices, dips, dried fruits, candy and much more. (Plus, you can sample some of the goods before buying.) The store also has an on-site restaurant featuring wraps, panini, sandwiches and fresh salads, as well as flurries, milkshakes, ice cream cones and sundaes. 309 S. Broadway, Sugarcreek 44681, 330/852-2896,

Village Antiques & Collectibles: If you’re looking for fun finds from the past, stop by this spot tucked along Main Street. Whether you’re into old kitchenware, vintage suitcases, vinyl record albums, antique toys or light-up signs, you’ll find an ever-changing lineup of it here. Curious travelers frequently stop in for the memory joggers, and despite the store’s relatively compact size, it’s easy to lose track of time exploring. 124 E. Main St., Sugarcreek 44681, 330/600-0086

Dutch Valley Restaurant: Visiting one of Dutchman Hospitality’s restaurants is an Ohio Amish Country rite of passage, but the company’s campus in Sugarcreek has offerings beyond the famous buffet filled with broasted chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, noodles and other homestyle favorites. You can also visit the on-site bakery and the neighboring food market that stocks local meats, cheeses, jams and more as well as an on-site gift shop and the Ohio Star Theater. 1343 Old Route 39, Sugarcreek 44681, 330/852-4627,

Nearby 4.3 Miles | Swiss Valley Furniture: The Mullet family has owned Swiss Valley Furniture for three generations. Their shop specializes in custom-made, hardwood furniture crafted by skilled Amish and Mennonite artisans who live in the area. The business’ 24,000-square-foot showroom is home to children’s furniture, cribs, dining sets, lamps and many other items for the home. There’s also the option to design your own pieces or add custom touches to existing ones. 2431 St. Rte. 39, Sugarcreek 44681, 330/403-4271,

Nearby 3.9 Miles | Broad Run Cheese & Swiss Heritage Winery: Located a short drive from downtown Sugarcreek, this spot is all about the classic pairing of cheese and wine. Every month, a new cheese is available for purchase, and customers can sample wine and cheese pairings before deciding what to buy. Cheese has been made here since 1933, with current options spanning Baby Swiss, Gouda, habanero hot pepper, havarti butter cheese and more. 6011 Old Route 39 NW, Dover 44622, 330/343-4108,

Nearby 2.8 Miles | David Warther Carvings: David Warther carries on his family’s carving legacy with beautiful and intricate depictions of ships. At age 13, the artist developed the process with which he makes ivory “string” for the ships’ rigging that is a hallmark of his style. The finished pieces exhibited here depict the history of ships, a collection of more than 80 works that stretches from First Dynasty Egypt and Viking vessels to present day. 1775 St. Rte. 39, Sugarcreek 44681, 330/852-6096,

Nearby 4 Miles | Breitenbach Wine Cellars:
This tucked-away spot offers a beautiful place to relax while enjoying a variety of grape and fruit wines. Founded in 1980, the winery now makes up to 40 wine varieties, which are complemented by a lineup of flatbread sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas and salads. Frequently the site of special events, the winery hosts the annual Dandelion Festival, which offers the opportunity to sample wine featuring the star ingredient. 5934 Old Route 39 NW, Dover 44622, 330/343-3603,