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Ohioan Lee Unkrich on Creating Disney/Pixar’s ‘Coco’

After winning an Oscar for directing “Toy Story 3,” the Ohio native returns this month with a new film.


Connie Schultz on ‘The Daughters of Erietown’

The author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist’s debut novel delves into the dreams and realities of working-class families.


Ohioan Katie Holmes Talks About Her Hometown and Hollywood

The Ohio native talks with us about reprising the role of Jacqueline Kennedy in a new miniseries.


Photographer & Writer Guidelines | Ohio Magazine

Guidelines on freelance photography and writing.


5 Ohio Movie Houses for Film Buffs

From classic theaters with long histories to newer spaces that offer places to congregate once the credits roll, these spots are all winners.


5 Amish Country Inns and B&Bs You’ll Love

Make your Amish Country trip a getaway by booking a stay at one of these five regional favorites.