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Best Hometowns 2021

This year, we honor Centerville, Chillicothe, Delaware, Sandusky and Wadsworth. These five communities embody the characteristics that make us proud to call Ohio home.


Best Hometowns 2021: Chillicothe

The original capital of Ohio turns to the future with new development that is reviving the look and feel of this charming and historic town.


Best Hometowns 2021: Wadsworth

This Medina County city has seen a surge of new downtown businesses in the past five years, providing an added boost to an already forward-looking community.


Best Hometowns 2021: Delaware

This central Ohio city offers a vibrant downtown, great community events and a wide range of arts and entertainment.


Best Hometowns 2021: Sandusky

This Erie County city embraces its location along the Lake Erie shore with new development that is changing both the face of downtown and the community.


Best Hometowns 2021: Centerville

This Montgomery County city boasts a wealth of recreation, family-friendly events, welcoming businesses and a strong sense of community support.


Best Hometowns

Ohio Magazine's annual Best Hometowns section features the best places in Ohio to live, work and play.