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Curated Color

Arboreta cultivate and catalog trees for all to enjoy. Witness the beauty of autumn at these six spots.


Local Flavor

Ohio Magazine’s Best Hometowns — Findlay, Gallipolis, Greenville, Grove City and Peninsula — have appealing events and attractions for residents and visitors alike.


Hotels With History

Visit these architectural treasures and appreciate the luxuries of days gone by.


Storied Lodgings

Across the state there are inns and hotels with colorful histories, including these.


A Fine Romance

Dinner at an elegant restaurant makes a perfect Valentine’s celebration, especially when combined with an overnight stay at a luxurious hotel or inn.


Mountain Aeries

Admire the views from West Virginia’s elegant, historic inns.


Reinventing the Aurora Inn

This northeast Ohio landmark was shuttered before its new owners teamed with HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder to create a modern hotel that honors its 90-year history.


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