Man holding four Three Sons Leather Co. wallets (photo courtesy of Three Sons Leather Co.)
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Three Sons Leather Co.

Firefighter Seth Robinson turned a passion for leather working into a line of handcrafted products meant to stand the test of time.

Working as a full-time firefighter, Seth Robinson and his coworkers gravitate to leather products because of their durability. After ordering a work belt and wallet online that quickly started to fall apart, Robinson decided to take matters into his own hands and began leather working as a side pursuit.

By 2020, he was selling wallets to friends and family and had a passion for making them. It was therapeutic and different than his demanding job as a firefighter. He liked the controlled nature of the craft.

“I kind of fell in love with it, so it became the thing I do now in my downtime,” says Robinson, who lives in North Olmsted.

Seth Robinson working with leather press in basement studio (photo courtesy of Three Sons Leather Co.)

As a dad of three children — ages 8, 5 and 4 — he finds the silent time of crafting even more valuable. His business’s name, Three Sons Leather Co., was inspired by his kids, and the smallest wallet in the line is even named after his youngest son, Cole. Robinson also crafts belts, apparel and bags, including the Marie Crossbody, inspired by the middle name that his wife and mom share.

To make his signature wallets, Robinson uses a die cutter to create the desired shapes. He then cleans the edges, glues the pieces and stitches each up to finish. Although machines can quicken this process, he prefers a single piece of thread and handcrafting each, utilizing a saddle-stitch technique.

Intentionality and longevity are at the core of Robinson’s business. He says he has never had someone return a wallet because of poor stitching. (He would fix it for them if they did.) Robinson stands behind his products, knowing customers are spending their hard-earned money on them. 

“My business slogan is ‘a legacy worth leaving,’ ” he says. “It ties back to raising boys and kids in a good way, but also … I want to leave a lasting piece.”

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