Rabbit + Rain Alice in Wonderland earrings
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Rabbit + Rain, Sandusky

Jewelry-maker Stephanie Sanders-Jacob’s Rabbit + Rain line of earrings merges a technological creative process with inspiration that plays to her passions.

As of July 2024, Rabbit + Rain’s website is deactivated. Stephanie Sanders-Jacob has since repurposed her workshop into a writing office and plans to occasionally make and sell art, though not through Shopify or Etsy.

When Stephanie Sanders-Jacob was pregnant with her daughter in 2018, she started making nursery decor, sparking her love for creating. She recognized there was a market for the pieces she had been working on, so she opened a shop on Etsy before later transitioning to making jewelry and accessories.

The Sandusky resident loves making necklaces and pins, but the core of her business is earrings. When starting each of her colorful creations, she designs on her iPad or makes digital renderings on her computer. Some illustrations are purely her own, and others are sourced or sketched from art in the public domain — namely old images from literature. To achieve the hyper-intricate style of her pieces, she uses a 3D printer or a laser cutter, then paints or coats them with resin to make the finishing touches, depending on the design.

“My daughter was growing up, so my interests were moving away from the nursery,” says Sanders-Jacob. “I just kind of found myself in that arena. It’s been so much fun. You can do a lot with earrings.”

As someone who enjoys the confidence boost accessories can bring to an outfit, Sanders-Jacob makes that a reality for customers while staying true to subjects that spark her interests. Her earrings are inspired by many of her own passions: animals and nature, spooky and esoteric subjects, space and science, and old novels. Some of her favorites include Mothership (detailed silver flying saucers on a clear celestial backing), Nevermore Raven (matte black birds on a pendant featuring twisted branches) and Dreamscape.

The latter — a celestial scene on clear acrylic dangling from a galaxy-patterned, shimmery stud — serves as a statement piece while being understated enough to tie in with almost any outfit.

“Something clicked in me,” Sanders-Jacob says of Dreamscape. “And I was like, I have to make things that just speak to me. I just have to kick it up a notch. And those are the first earrings I designed that I’m really proud of. ” 

For more information, visit rabbitandrain.com and etsy.com/shop/rabbitandrain.