Divider Records’ Morad Unit for record storage (photo by G. Johnson)
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This Ohio Maker Crafts a Beautiful Way to Display Records

The revival of vinyl albums naturally leads to the question of how to store and display them.
Divider Records’ Brit and Jason Prather craft beautiful and high-quality solutions.

Brit and Jason Prather’s business started as an Etsy shop that often took commissions to create store displays for small businesses. One day a customer requested a way to display vinyl records at her vintage shop. After the couple crafted the one-off record rack, a friend suggested they make and sell more. Having an affinity for record albums, the couple put their first Divider Records product up for sale in 2016.

Today, the online business makes record racks, ledges and wall mounts as well as stands that display a single album. Then there are the series of console units — the Tretina, the Bedford and the Morad — that hold 150, 300 and 420 records, respectively. Aside from the clean design and solid-wood construction, part of the allure of Divider Records’ products is that they allow for album artwork to be easily enjoyed.

“It’s nice because you just flip through, and you don’t have to squint to read the spines,” Brit says. “You can see the album art, and I think that makes it fun to have your collection on display for people to easily have access to when they come over.”

The console units are some of the most innovative Divider Records creations and are bestsellers for their simple and customizable designs. When a customer places their order, they can choose from six wood finishes and a variety of crossbars.

Each product is made to order and begins with raw lumber. The wood is planed, made into panels, cut into shapes, sanded, finished, assembled and shipped. Based in Sugarcreek, close to Ohio’s Amish communities, the Prathers have access to high-quality materials and fellow craftspeople who can help them bring their visions to life.

“We know that whatever idea we can come up with, there’s a metal fabricator we can get a hold of,” Brit says. “There’s the people where we get our lumber … We can easily request whatever kind of wood we need from them. Even the people that we get our stains from have such an impeccable selection of wood finishes.” 

For more information, visit divider-records.com.