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Baja Sour

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Kevin Thomas says this cocktail, featuring muddled blackberries and fresh lime juice, is perfect for warm weather and pairs well with fish tacos and other light fare. The key to achieving that light, fluffy egg white foam, Thomas says, is to shake the concoction hard, as though you’re trying to get in a good arm workout. “This is a high-end drink that we’d do at our bar,” he says. “Our hope is that it gives people a sense of that same type of experience at home, out on the deck in 75-degree weather.”

Baja Sour
Recipe courtesy of Western Reserve Distillers

2 ounces Western Reserve Organic Reposado
3/4 ounce Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 ounce agave simple syrup
7 organic blackberries
1 large brown organic egg white
Organic turbinado sugar for the rim of the glass

Muddle fruit together with the reposado and the curacao. Add the remaining ingredients to shaker and shake to blend. Add ice and shake again to cool and dilute the drink. Remove ice and shake for the third and final time to create the stable foam.

Rim the glass with organic turbinado sugar (or sprinkle on top of the foam layer after pouring). Pour drink into glass through a fine strainer to remove any pulp and remaining egg white.