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Ohio Pie Co., Brunswick

O-H, Pie-O! Nick Robson aims to create a style of pizza the entire Buckeye State can agree on at his Medina County pizza shop. 

During his 20s, Nick Robson spent most of his time in two places: vans and pizza shops. For part of the year, he toured the country with different pop-punk bands as a tour manager. When he returned home to Medina, Robson picked up hours at pizza shops in the area before going back out on the road. The cycle rinsed and repeated for years.

“It was never a job for me. It was hop in a van with my friends, go on tour and see the world,” Robson says. On the road, Robson and the bands often found themselves ending their nights scarfing down pizza at a shop near whatever venue they were playing on a given day.

Now in his 30s, Robson opened his own pizza shop, Ohio Pie Co., in Brunswick in early 2019. His Ohio-style pizza draws from pies he tried during his years on the road. A sweet sauce is swirled on top of the cheese just like you’ll find it at Angelo’s in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. The edge-to-edge toppings draw from Detroit-style pizzas, and the not-too-thick-not-too-thin crust and square-cut pieces are a nod to Columbus-style pies. The idea, Robson explains, is to bring those influences together to create something representing the entire Buckeye State. “There’s never truly been that style that everyone can get behind,” he says.

Ohio Pie Co. sold out of pizza the day it opened and, thanks to word of mouth, the buzz has continued ever since, driven by the shop’s popular limited-release pizzas such as After School Special (mac and cheese, ranch and Doritos) and the Fried Pickle Pie (white sauce pickles and fried cucumber crumbles flavored with dill). Each new release is teased on Instagram a day or two before it’s available. Menu standards include the Heartburner (double pepperoni, double cheese and double garlic oil) and the Piggy Bird (chicken, barbecue sauce, bacon and crispy french-fried onions).

Although Robson’s Ohio Pie Co. is located in a suburb, the shop can be found right off I-71, making for an easy pit stop. 

“You can get to downtown [Cleveland] from the shop in 30 minutes,” Robson says. “We should be part of your Cleveland trip.” 

1315 1/2 Pearl Rd., Brunswick 44212, 330/741-4117, ohiopieco.com

Update: There's now a second location at 19565 Detroit Rd., Rocky River 44116, 216/353-7777