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Ohio Eats: Mister Mustard

When you’re ready to grill this summer, make sure this mustard is in your fridge.

Plain old yellow mustard is fine, but when it comes to firing up your condiment options, you really need Mister Mustard on your picnic table. Springfield-based Woeber Mustard Co.’s zesty creation is celebrating 70 years in 2019, and there’s good reason for its longevity.

“It’s not a run-of-the-mill yellow mustard,” says Chris Woeber, director of operations for Woeber Mustard Co. and a fourth-generation member of the company’s leadership team. “It has that edge to it.”

That edge is thanks to stone-ground, brown mustard and secret spices that provide a heat absent in traditional mustards. In addition to the original flavor, Mister Mustard is also available in a sweet-hot variety and a version blended with honey.

Mister Mustard even caught the attention of French chef Eric Ripert, co-owner of the prestigious New York City restaurant Le Bernardin. He singled out the creation as his favorite American mustard in a 2018 profile in The Wall Street Journal. 

“It’s always good to get some feedback from someone who’s so high up in the food community,” Woeber says, “someone who really cares and seeks out food from all over the world.” 

To learn where you can buy Mister Mustard, visit woebermustard.com.