People eating Lyle’s Crepes
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Lyle’s Crepes Food Truck, Toledo

Joshua Posadnys food truck honors a friend as it delights Toledo-area customers with a lineup of sweet and savory crepes.

As he serves his take on a French culinary classic in and around Toledo, Joshua Posadny is often asked for the story behind his food truck’s name, Lyle’s Crepes. It was inspired by his former co-worker Lyle Overly, a husband, father and Army veteran who became a mentor to Posadny during his first job at Barnes & Noble.

“Not only was Lyle a great friend and jokester, he just had many memorable qualities,” Posadny explains. “He was always laughing, making you laugh.” 

In 2018, when deciding on a name that reflected the traits he wanted his business to embody, Posadny opted to pay tribute to his friend, who had died five years earlier.

Lyle’s Crepes operates almost daily. (The food truck’s website and social media feeds share where it will be next.) The truck’s lineup of sweet crepes spans Lemon Berry, Banana Nutella and Strawberry Nutella, while savory options range from Chicken, Bacon, Feta to the Rise and Shine (bacon, egg, guacamole, Colby Jack cheese and pico de gallo topped with cilantro sauce) to Sausage, Egg and Cheese. The truck also sells chicken, chorizo and sweet potato tacos.

“We don’t prespin any of our stuff,” Posadny says of the thin and delicate, pancake-like crepes. “Every time you order a crepe, we spin it right there at the moment you order.”  

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