Tony Packo's Pickles and Randy's Pickles
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4 Ohio Pickle Varieties You’ll Love

Summer cookouts and sandwiches are on the horizon. We want your refrigerator to be ready.

Tony Packo’s, Toledo 

The celebrity-autographed hot dog buns that line the walls of Tony Packo’s Toledo-area restaurants get most of the attention, but don’t let that distract you from what is arguably one of the Glass City’s most beloved culinary exports: pickles. A plate full of hand-breaded and deep-fried Packo’s Original Pickles & Peppers is one of the restaurant’s most popular appetizers, but you can also buy jars of the iconic eatery’s large lineup of pickles, peppers and relishes online and find popular varieties at Ohio grocery stores. We brought home Tony Packo’s Original Pickles & Peppers and Really Chunky Dills with Garlic.

Original Pickles & Peppers: This hot-and-sweet combo is Tony Packo’s original pickle recipe, and the mix of hot dill chunks and chunky peppers makes them a perfect topper for grilled burgers. Their great flavor makes them worthy stars of your condiment tray.  

Really Chunky Dills with Garlic: These burly hunks of pickle pack a big crunch in every bite and swim in a blend of diced garlic and spices. The crinkle-cut-edge chunks will amp up any sandwich but also have the heft to go it alone.

Randy’s Pickles, Cleveland

In 2012, Andrew Rainey believed he could build a better pickle, so he bought cucumbers, vinegar and water and starting experimenting with ways to create a line that would put a jar of Vlasics to shame. Working with his grandmother and no recipe, Rainey (aka Randy) first made Spicy Dill Spears before teaming with a few friends and branching out to create a business offering five pickle varieties that are available for order online and at grocery stores across Ohio. We picked up a jar of Randy’s Deli Style Dill Pickles and Sideburns Grilled Pickles.

Deli Style Dill Pickles: The deli-style dill spear is the classic sports car of sandwich sidekicks: sleek, streamlined and sophisticated. Randy’s version checks all those boxes, while adding whole garlic cloves and an extra helping of fresh dill to each jar. 

Sideburns Grilled Pickles: These pickle halves pack more than just a kick of spice and vinegar: They are also grilled. The mix of charred smokiness and bright acidity makes this pickle a game changer for your summer barbecue or next cheeseboard.