September 2013 Issue


Fun For Kids in Ohio’s Amish Country

Make your next visit to Ohio’s Amish communities a family outing, with buggy rides, penny candy and the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock.

Food + Drink

Flavor Kick

Garlic is easy to grow and can be a versatile addition to a cook’s repertoire.

Garlic Cheese Puffs

Serve these appetizers at your next gathering.


Favorite Son

Columbus celebrates the talent of artist George Bellows.

Home + Garden

Timber-Framed Treasure

A couple embraces country living in their barn-inspired home.

Ohio Life

Investment Guarantees

Ohio colleges and universities are searching for ways to make higher education more affordable.

Less Is More

Southeast Ohio’s Blue Rock Station is an oasis of rural, sustainable living.

My Ohio: Please Mr. Postman

A writer longs for the days when mail carriers were a part of the neighborhood.