April 2012 Issue


Fabulous Finds

Shop for everything from fry pies to furniture at these Amish Country businesses.

Mountain Escapes

West Virginia’s resorts, nestled in gorgeous locations, offer year-round outdoor entertainment and adventure.

Steps to Freedom

Uncover America’s past when you visit these Underground Railroad sites along the Ohio River.

Food + Drink

Seasonal Goodness

Take advantage of spring’s bounty and enjoy the enhanced flavors of locally sourced foods.

Home + Garden

Labor of Love 2012

For 50 years, Ruth and Don Moorhead have tended their stunning 2-acre garden in Broadview Heights.

Ohio Life

Ageless Artistry

Warren painter Irene G. Was believes it’s never too late to find your calling.

Eyes on the Sky

Bird-watching expert Kenn Kaufman gears up for another migratory bird season in Northwest Ohio.

My Ohio: The Candy Man

Life can be hard, but it is never so hard that you cannot appreciate a little sweetness.