Bob Evans Buckeye Hotcakes
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Buckeye Statement

Bob Evans celebrates its Ohio origins with its new chocolate-and-peanut-butter hotcakes. 

Buckeye candies have a place of honor in our state, and the merger of chocolate and peanut butter is a proven winner, but the New Albany-based Bob Evans restaurant chain took that one step further with its new Buckeye Hotcakes. The stack of four arrives with chopped-up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups cooked inside, drizzles of chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter syrup crisscrossing the top and whipped cream riding shotgun. The dish is pretty tasty, too. You don’t even need syrup or butter (although you can request it), which is how Bob Evans wanted it, according to chief marketing officer Sara Bittorf. “We eventually decided we were going to go pure buckeye.” she says. “No syrup, no butter.”

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